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01-10-2013, 06:29
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http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-jj1uIv-CyWk/UkncW5K1VpI/AAAAAAAAAZM/PSNL6GzV_h0/s320/Oktoberfest.jpeg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-jj1uIv-CyWk/UkncW5K1VpI/AAAAAAAAAZM/PSNL6GzV_h0/s1600/Oktoberfest.jpeg)
This Thursday cannot come quickly enough.
Oktoberfest at the Apna Leisure Centre, Huddersfield, will throw open its doors on October 3 for three days with the lure of 79 ales.
I missed out last year through grave man flu and some killjoy anti-biotics, so Thursday really can't roll around fast enough for my liking.
My anticipation for this Oktoberfest began in August when I spotted some advance some posters being put up.
Then a text on Sunday from a beer mate reminded me that it was nearly here. I searched on-line for a beer list but as usual The Bloke from Hull beat me to the punch.
Right, enough of my waffle. You want to know what's on the list?
Well, what impresses me is the number of Huddersfield breweries on view. I counted 14 breweries from in and around Hudds.
A scan down the list reveals three brews from Thirstin, of Honley, who caused quite a stir when they appeared suddenly last summer; Rat Brewery's 'Green Rat', which Timbo blogged about yesterday; Bitches Brewing Co getting into bed with Brodies to create the modestly entitled 'The Greatest IPA Ever'; and some Summer Wine.
Meanwhile HDM have teamed up with Bexar to mastermind 'Whisky Aged Monster' 8.4% (I think I'll be taking advantage of a third-pint measure); Magic Rock have their bike beer on, 'Magic Spanner', which I missed at Leeds International Beer Festival last month.
Last but by no means least, Mallinsons have a teasing beer called Five Nine Nine to mark their 599th gyle and a tripple-hopped 'Summit In The Water'.
Moving slightly further out of town to Elland we see the Barge and Barrel micro brewery has a beer called 'Eastwood', presumably a nod to John Eastwood who has been advising the team up at the Barge and Barrel who reintroduced brewing on-site in August.
Brewing historians will recall that Eastwood and Sanders (an amalgamation of the Barge and Barrel and West Yorkshire breweries) formed in 2002 but morphed into Elland in 2006.
To bring it full circle, Elland also feature here with '1872 Porter', which won Champion Beer of Britain at The Great British Beer Festival in August.
I could bang on about new breweries for me to try like Stod Fold, of Halifax, beers from bottle specialist Tickety Brew, orfour from Harvey's of Lewes in Sussex, which has a 200-year plus brewing history.
But, in brief, it looks like an interesting three days. Roll on Thursday.

Oktoberfest Beer List
1 Barge & Barrel, of Elland, 'Eastwood', 4.2%, Bitter, pale session bitter
2 'One For The road', 4.4%, Bitter, amber bitter
3 Bird Brain, ofHowden, 'Silly Old Coot' 4.1%, Speciality, dark wheat beer
4 'Cross Bramling', 4.1%, Bitter, pale session bitter
5 Bitches/Brodies, of Huddersfield/Leyton, 'The Greatest Red IPA Ever', 5.5%, Strong Bitter, Red IPA 6 Bob Town, of Roberttown, 'Chocolate Porter', 4.6%, Porter, smooth porter with dark chocolate hints
7 'Bob Meister' 4.9%, Speciality, light German style pilsner
8 Doncaster, ofDoncaster, 'Cheswold' 4.2%, Bitter, medium brown bitter named after local car manufacturer
9 'Gold Cup', 4.5%, Bitter,golden bitter named after the horse race Gold Cup
10 Empire Brewing, of Slaithwaite, 'Moonraker Mild, 3.6%, Mild, dark mild with roasted malt, coffee & liquorice flavours
11 'One Eyed Jack', 4.1% Bitter, light citrusy bitter
12 'Sky Wall', 4.3%, Bitter, pale bitter brewed with USA hops
13 'Colony 13', 5.0%, Strong Bitter, strong pale ale brewed with USA hops
14 Elland, of Elland, '1872 Porter', 6.5%, Porter, rich dark complex porter. Champion Beer of Britain
15 Fernandes, of Wakefield, 'Octohop', 4.0% Bitter, blonde ale brewed with 8 hop varieties
16 Five Towns, of Outwood, 'Guera', 2.9%, Bitter, session pale ale with bags of hops and flavour
17 'Gale Force', 4.4%, Bitter, pale bitter with Cascade, Chinook & Mosaic hops
18 '5 Year Special', 7.0%, Strong Bitter, strong pale ale dry hopped with Mosaic hops
19 Geeves, of Barnsley, 'Captain Gingerbread', 4.3%, Speciality, pale wheat beer infused with ginger and hint of citrus
20 'Clear Cut', 4.4% Bitter, pale ale brewed with USA hops with pine & citrus flavours
21 Golcar Brewery, of Golcar, 'Golcar Mild, 3.6%, Mild, dark mild with roasted malt & liquorice flavours
22 'Golcar Porter' 4.5%, Porter, robust malty porter
23 Hamelsworde, of Hemsworth, 'Spanish Stout' 4.2%, Stout, stout brewed with sweet liquorice & roasted malt
24 'Jumping Pirate', 4.9&, Bitter, Bavarian style bitter with floral piney citrusy notes
25 'Scolded Shoulder', 5.2%, Speciality, golden wheat beer, Saaz hops, corriander and orange
26 HDM, of Lindley, 'Pale', 4.0%, Bitter, pale bitter with a citrus hoppy twist
27 'Monkey Loves Hops 8', 4.2%, Bitter, pale ale brewed with Ella & Pacific Gem hops
28 'IPA', 5.0%, Strong Bitter, strong pale ale packed with plenty of hops
29 HDM/Bexar, of Lindley, 'Whisky Aged Monster', 8.4% Strong Bitter, strong pale ale, whisky barrel aged
30 Harrogate, of Harrogate, 'Tewit Well Ale' 4.1%, Bitter, bitter brewed with UK & USA hops. Malty, spicy, orangey
31 Harveys, of Lewes, 'Sussex Mild' 3.0%, Mild, dark copper coloured mild
32 'Sussex IPA' 3.5%, Bitter, hoppy pale ale
33 'Sussex Wild Hop', 3.7%, Bitter, brewed with new season's green wild hops
34 'Best Bitter' 4.0%, Bitter, full bodied brown hoppy bitter
35 Jolly Sailor, of Riccall, 'Jolly Blonde', 3.8%, Bitter, pale yellow citrussy bitter
36 'Golden Boots', 4.2%, Bitter, golden bitter
37 Little Valley, of Mytholmroyd, 'Withens IPA', 3.9%, Bitter, session pale ale with citrusy orange and spice notes
38 'Hebden Wheat', 4.5%, Speciality, Belgian style hazy wheat beer
39 'Octoberfest', 4.6%, Bitter, amber German bitter with Hallertau & Hersbrucker hops
40 Magic Rock Brewery, of Oakes, 'Magic Spanner' 3.8%, Bitter, new session pale ale brewed for the Tour of Britain
41 'Carnival', 4.3%, Bitter, Summer golden ale with piney & tangerine flavours
42 'Dark Arts', 6.0%, Stout, a surreal stout brewed with 4 malts and bags of hops
43 Mallinsons Brewery, of Lockwood, 'Brewers Gold' 3.7%, Bitter, golden hoppy bitter brewed with Brewers Gold hops
44 'Nelson Sauvin' 3.8%, Bitter, golden hoppy bitter with Nelson Sauvin hops
45 'Summit In the Water' 4.0%, Bitter, pale, triple hopped with Ella, Summit and Exp 366 hops
46 '599' 4.1%, Bitter, golden blond ale with tangy citrus fruit aroma
47 Milltown Brewery, of Milnsbridge, 'Golden Hop' 3.8%, Bitter, pale golden bitter
48 'American Pale Ale' 3.9%, Bitter, straw coloured brewed with American hops.
49 'William Horsfall Blonde' 4.2%, Bitter, pale ale brewed with lager malt, Chinook & Cascade hops
50 Nook Brewhouse, of Holmfirth, 'Yorks', 3.7%, Bitter, classic Yorkshire bitter
51 'Berry Baby Blonde' 3.9%, Bitter, Pale, berry flavoured blonde ale
52 'Nook'y Brown' 4.9% Porter, a medium bodied cheeky brown ale
53 'Cherry Stout', 5.2%, Stout, full bodied oat stout with cherry, roast &liquorice notes
54 Owenshaw Mill Brewery, of Sowerby Bridge, 'Black Lightning', 4.4%, Mild, dark black mild with roasted malts & chocolate notes
55 'Gollum', 4.2%, Bitter, pale session bitter with a good malt hop balance
56 Ossett, ofOssett, 'South Pacific' 5.0%, Strong Bitter, straw coloured pale ale. NZ Pacific Jade hops
57 Phoenix, of Heywood, 'Arizona' 4.1%, Bitter, pale yellow ale with fruity & hoppy aroma
58 'Wobbly Bob' 6.0%, Strong Bitter, strong red/brown bitter with fruity hoppy aroma
59 Rat & Ratchet, of Huddersfield, 'Green Rat IPA' 4.8 Bitter IPA brewed with new season's green hops
60 'Rat Against the Machine', 7.0%, Strong Bitter, strong American style IPA, bitter with citrus hop aroma
61 Revolutions Brewing Co, of Castleford, 'Devolution' 4.5%, Bitter, American style amber ale brewed USA hops

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-qsohJvAyy-g/Ukn3NnK-i9I/AAAAAAAAAZc/9y9tHknZxwc/s320/revolutions+bullet.jpg (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-qsohJvAyy-g/Ukn3NnK-i9I/AAAAAAAAAZc/9y9tHknZxwc/s1600/revolutions+bullet.jpg)
62 'Turning Japanese' 4.5%, Bitter, blonde ale hopped with Green Bullet & Motueka hops
63 Riverhead Brewery, of Marsden, 'Lavender Blonde' 3.8%, Bitter, pale session ale brewed with culinary lavender
64 'Brewdica' 5.0%, Strong Bitter, strong IPA brewed with plenty of hops
65 Sportsman Brewing Co, of Huddersfield, 'Darker Shade of Ale', 3.9%, Mild, dark mild with roasted malty overtones
66 'Kellerbier', 4.3% Speciality, pale pilsner type beer
67 Stod Fold, of Halifax, 'Blonde', 4.5%, Bitter, light golden medium hopped bitter
68 'Pils', 4.8%, Speciality, Pils style brewewd with lager malt & Hersbrucker hops
69 Summer Wine, of Honley, 'Zenith Pale Ale', 4.0%, Bitter, golden ale with hoppy, lime and lemongrass notes
70 'Barista Espresso Stout', 4.8%, Stout, rich roasted coffee malt stout
71 'Rouge', 5.8%, Strong Bitter, deep ruby red, Red Hop ale
72 Thirstin Brewhouse, of Honley, 'Mild Thirst', 3.6%, Mild, dark mild with coffee and dark chocolate notes
73 'Thirstin Four It' 4.0% Bitter, golden session beer
74 'Thirstin Quencher' 5.0%, Bitter, pale ale with NZ hops with pine & grapefruit flavours
75 Ticketybrew, of Stockport, 'Blonde' 5.6%, Strong Bitter, blonde ale with delicate fruity flavour
76 'Pale' 5.3%, Strong Bitter, pale ale with citrus and floral aromas
77 Worsthorne, of Burnley, 'Some Like It Blonde', 3.9%, Bitter, blonde beer brewed with European & NZ hops
78 'Red Man', 4.2%, Bitter, pale/amber lightly hopped with grapefruit finish
79 'Colliers Clog', 5.2%, Strong Bitter, strong pale ale with citrus finish

Huddersfield & District CAMRA's Oktoberfest beer festival is at the Apna Venue Leisure, Spring Grove Street, Huddersfield. A handy map and detour of the nearby building work can be found here: http://huddscamra.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Huddersfield-Oktoberfest-2013-Beer-Festival-Real-Ale-Pubs-A4-Landscape.pdf

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