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05-09-2013, 07:03
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For those readers who have long memories, you will recall that I waxed lyrical about the hop 'Mosaic'. This was back in June this year. Yesterday I came across Mallinsons 'Mosaic'. And what a revelation it was.

I have come across quite a few beers brewed with Mosaic hops, an American hop variety released last year and has started to appear in beers from the early part of this year. The hop is a simcoe derivative and imparts a fruity, citrus and slightly earthiness to the beer.

The one beer I have wanted to try but have always managed to miss was that of Mallinsons. I know they have a way of dealing with single hopped beers that some other breweries seem to lack, and I always consider their single hopped beers as the yardstick to measure my appreciation of the hop character

I was certainly not disappointed, their website describes the beer as 'pale blonde with a spicy, fresh nose, a bitter sharp grapefruit flavour,and a bitter, intense finish' and I cannot describe it any better than they do. It is just excellent.

Where they have succeeded where I think some other breweries that I have tried have failed is that they have brewed the beer at a sensible strength. It is 4%. Many of the previous ones I have tried, have been from 4.7% up to strengths as high as 8%. And the stronger the beer the less the hop characteristics seem to come through. Strangely enough I had a similar experience with last years must have hop 'Citra'. It seems that they both benefit from being brewed weaker to bring out more flavour.

So if you get chance, and like a hoppy beer, this may be just the thing for you. And if you are a brewer, may be strong is not always better. And thank you Mallinsons for rebrewing it - just for me !!

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