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28-08-2013, 19:36
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http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-gOZjXwEozto/Uh5MGFUToII/AAAAAAAAAVc/JRXZMuu8nlE/s320/BCamrapic.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-gOZjXwEozto/Uh5MGFUToII/AAAAAAAAAVc/JRXZMuu8nlE/s1600/BCamrapic.jpg)

Picture: Barnsley Camra/Stancill Brewery

News from Barnsley CAMRA secretary Nigel Croft:

On Saturday (August 24) I was invited down to Oakwell Brewery to see the removal of the brewery plant slowly and very carefully being unbolted, lifted and transported about 100m (300ft) to its new site Stancill Brewery, Beevor Street, Barnsley.
The owners Tom Gill and Adam Hague told me that they hoped the brewery will be up and running by the middle of October with a range of beers including Barnsley Bitter 3.8% abv.
This will be identical to the one brewed on the Oakwell plant when it closed earlier this year. The beers will be brewed on the same brewery plant with the same brewer Jonny Stancill using the same water and ingredients.
In addition to Barnsley Bitter, Jonny Stancill will be brewing a Dark Mild, Blonde Ale, Best Bitter and a Ruby Ale all available to the free trade and with a distribution of about 30 miles from the start of production.
“Keeping the original Barnsley Bitter brewing here in Barnsley is a must,” said Tom.
“Keeping the excellence of Jonny brewing the beer is also a must," added Adam.
Jonny acknowledged the enthusiasm of both Tom and Adam and their passion for the brewery and real ale.

*Footnote by Ale Ambler: A quick Facebook check tonight reveals Stancill Brewery have hit a bit of a snag.
From Stancill: "HELP NEEDED. Due to unforeseen circumstances our move into the new Oakwell venue has been delayed by two weeks due to some issues at their side! Does anyone know any units or other suitable places in Barnsley that we could consider as part of a venue back-up plan?! Friends, please help us get our beer on bars ASAP and SHARE this post!"

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