View Full Version : Beer of the Week (w/e 1st September 2013)

28-08-2013, 10:06
gillhalfpint: Mile Tree Strawberry Blonde
london calling: Oakham Twenty Years
Real Ale Ray: Cross Bay Spectrum
Thuck Phat: Flowerpots Goodens Gold
Bucking Fastard: Fullers Wild River
Aqualung: Milestone Loxley Ale
Oggwyn Trench: Thornbridge Jaipur
Mobyduck: Milton Pegasus
Wittenden: Rother Valley Mild
hondo: Pin-Up Redhead
oldboots: Kirkstall Three Swords
aleandhearty: Yorkshire Dales Tour De Yorkshire Dales
ROBCamra: Kelham Island King Of The Rocket Men

28-08-2013, 12:04
Mile Tree Strawberry Blonde 5.5% superb.

We are on the caravan site where the brewery is, and it was so fantastic we got a 4 pint container of it. The bottle conditioned version is 4.5% but we will be taking them home.

Don't think I will get anything better this week.

28-08-2013, 12:53
Mile Tree Strawberry Blonde 5.5% superb.

We are on the caravan site where the brewery is, and it was so fantastic we got a 4 pint container of it. The bottle conditioned version is 4.5% but we will be taking them home.

Don't think I will get anything better this week.
http://www.thesecretgardentouringpark.co.uk/ looks great

london calling
30-08-2013, 20:02
After some dull beers last night I then had some crackers
oakham -green devil ipa
brains -british summer
w+ eton -parklife
darkstar -darkness
but the winner was
oakham -twenty years 5.8 and as usual full of hops.

Real Ale Ray
01-09-2013, 14:23
Cross Bay - Spectrum

Thuck Phat
01-09-2013, 15:25
This week:
Flowerpots Goodens Gold
Andwell Red IPA
Copper Dragon Golden Pippin
Gales Seafarers, HSB
Oakham Bishops Farewell

Not a bad selection at all and I'd forgotten quite how good Golden Pippin is. BOTW was Flowerpots Goodens Gold, pale, hoppy and delicious at 4.8%. A good beer from the south shock!

Bucking Fastard
01-09-2013, 16:07
Quite a big week for me.

Fullers -- Wild River
Sunny Republic -- Shark Head
Butcombe -- Great Grey Owl
Thornbridge -- Roc Fall
Bristol Beer Factory -- Milk Stout
Kernel -- Pale Ale,Mosaic Chinook (keg)
St Austell -- Tribute
Clarence & Fredericks -- Best
Oakham -- Inferno
Oakham -- Tranquility
Dark Star -- Hophead

Some very decent pints ,the best of which was Fullers Wild River ,which sailed past the three pint test in The White Horse,Hertford.

Looking forward to some top ale on a boat trip on the Trent & Mersey,Shropshire Union,Llangollen and Montgomery Canals spanning the next two weeks.Looking for both quality and quantity:nishelypished:

01-09-2013, 16:43
Some nice ones this week :-

East London Brewing Co Orchid Mild 3.6%
Milestone Loxley Ale 4.2%
Sambrook's Pumphouse Pale 4.2%
Westerham Brewery British Bulldog 4.2%
Warwickshire Churchyard Bob 4.9%
By The Horns Diamond Geezer 4.9%
Brodie's Old Street Pale 5.0%
Rooster's Fort Smith 5.0%
Mickeller Big Worster (Keykeg) 18.9%

The choice is between Fort Smith, Loxley, Old Street and the Big Worster.
The Big Worster was something else, it tasted like a barley wine of around 9-10% rather than 19%. The Fort Smith is another American style IPA. I'm going for the Loxley simply because it was served in immaculate condition in the E4 King's Ford for only £1.99, less than a third of the cost of the pint of Big Worster. It's a golden ale with a good flavour for the ABV, no gimmicks other than the hops are newer English varieties. Sometimes it's nice to go back to basics!

BOTW Milestone Loxley Ale

Oggwyn Trench
01-09-2013, 17:54
Decent day yesterday , dont know whos stupid idea it was to finish the days drinking with four pints of Jaipur:nishelypished::nishelypished: ......... suffering today :D

Ringwood - Boondoggle
Off the Beaten Track - Thrasher
Milltown - A.P.A.
Ilkley - Pale
Doctor Mortons - Thinking Fountain
XT - XT5
Thornbridge - Jaipur

BOTW Thornbridge - Jaipur

01-09-2013, 20:41
Darkstar Hophead
Darkstar American Pale Ale
Wharfbank Tether Blonde
St Austell Goldrush
Tillingbourne Falls Gold
Milton Pegasus
The surprise winner for me this week is Milton Pegasus enjoyed in the Alfred Freehouse. (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/35750/)

01-09-2013, 22:56
Only the one fleeting pub visit this week:
Rother Valley Brewery co-MILD 3.8%ABV: a dark ,dry MILD with a fair amount of hops.My BOTW.
on the bottled beer front, I've been drinking Old Dairy's Sitting Bull abv 5.9%, using an experimental US hop. Good, but teeth -cleaningly hopped.Formulated by the deliveryman, a keen homebrewew. I haven't seen this on draught, but gather that it is a "marmite" beer.Interesting.

02-09-2013, 07:26
Pin-Up Beers - Red Head

02-09-2013, 08:23
A pretty easy choice of brewery just which of their IPAs?

Durham Guide me Home
Ilkley Everest
Daleside Blonde
Brains British Summer
Leeds Pale
Hambleton Steeple Stuff
Ilkley Joshua Jane
Marstons Jennings Cumberland Ale
Thwaites Wainwright
Rudgate Blonde
Nine Standards Silver Standard
Ilkley Mary Jane
Walls Gundog Bitter
Kirkstall Dissolution IPA
Daleside Old Leg Over
Okells Steam Beer
Kirkstall Three Swords
Copper Dragon Golden Pippin
Hambleton Herriott Ale

This time it's the weaker one Kirkstall Three Swords

02-09-2013, 13:33
Very quiet week for me, with just one beer tried. However, the Tour de Yorkshire Dales, brewed by the Yorkshire Dales Brew Co, was in superb nick at the George Inn, Hubberholme. After a good walk in the surrounding Wharfedale countryside, it really hit the spot.

05-09-2013, 13:28
Despite a couple of days in Sheffield last week my BOTW wasn't tried there although it was brewed there.

Kelham Island King Of The Rocket Men it was the top selling seasonal last year, so they've brewed it again this year.

That was a very good decision as it was excellent when tried in The Baum. :cheers: