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22-08-2013, 22:39
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If you are at a loose end this bank holiday weekend then here are a few ideas.
Close to home there is The Holmfith Summer Beer Festival at The Nook from Friday until Sunday, August 25.
Please ignore the misprinted end-date on the festival flyer but this is the best image we had. Unfortunately, their neat beer list doesn't display too well on here but you can access it fine via the Nooks' website here: http://goo.gl/eTswbA
The theme is celebrating 150 years of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, and as you would expect there are a few tipping a nod to bat on ball.
Concertina have Joe Root Beer (4%) while Ossett have Corker (4%) and Great Newsome have Line and Length (4.1%). But Five Towns nearly has an over-full of cricket beers. I'll highlight just one, a new one for me: Corridor of Uncertainty (5.5%) with Nelson Sauvin hops.
And cider wise, Pure North have Sticky Wicket (6%).
If you fancy a trip further afield then why not head to the home of liquorice: Pontefract.
The Robin Hood on Wakefield Road is having a beer festival (Friday to Bank Holiday Monday) and it features the official launch of the James and Kirkman Brewery.
Drinkers at Fernandes in Wakefield will fondly remember the days when David and Maureen James were behind the bar and brewing at Avison Yard. They left in 2007 when Ossett took over. David then moved to East Coast Brewery in Filey.
I gather Dave and Maureen have been in the Robin Hood pub for a little while now. While James and Kirkman started brewing on-site recently.
I understand from Bob Wallis's Wakefield CAMRA site (http://goo.gl/t7YEx3) that Mandy Kirkman - Dave and Maureen's daughter - is half the Kirkman part.
According to Bob's helpful site: "Brewing on a three barrel plant from the Hesket Newmarket Brewery commenced in May 2013.
"The first brew was the eminently quaffable Stargazer at 5.1% which means that the Robin Hood can at last be listed as a LocAle Pub! Soon after came the amazingly tasty 3.2% Star Light, with a third beer made with local honey in the fermenter."
The festival runs from Friday to Monday from 2pm till 11pm daily, although the pub opens at noon each day.
The brewery launch is at 4pm on Bank Holiday Monday.
Here is the beer list: Tiger Tops, Happy Hops 5.0%; Cross Bay, Zenith 5.0%, Halo 3.6%, Sunset Blonde 4.2; Five Towns Bodyline 5.4%, Corridor of Uncertainty 5.5%; Saltaire Amarillo Gold 4.4%, Hazelnut Coffee Porter 4.6%; Cotleigh Tawny owl 3.8 %, Seahawk 4.2%, Durham Citra 3.9%, Bedes Chalice 9.0%; Abbeydale Belfry 4.5%; Dr Mortons Thinking Fountain 4.3%, Brown Cow Merrymen Pale Ale 4.1%; Townhouse Flower Dew 4.0%, Summer Pale 4.3%; Salamander Maribu 3.8%, Timewarp 4.0%, Brewmeister Ten 10.1%, Stold Fold Gold 3.8%, Great Heck Black Jesus 6.5%.
There are also two specials especially for the festival: Clarks Robin Hood 4.6% (one cask only) and
James & Kirkman Festival Ale 4.3%.

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