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21-08-2013, 12:57
Afternoon all,

I've decided on a whim to go to Southampton for a crawl tomorrow, having realised I've never been there despite it only being a short distance on the train from Reading. However I am time-short today and my research won't be up to much, so I am going to take the lazy man's option of asking you lot which pubs are worthwhile. I don't mind a bit of walking so they don't have to be within the immediate city centre.

The only one I've ever heard of without prompting is the Guide Dog, and that's probably only due to a reviewer incorporating the pub's name in their moniker!

PS if anyone else wants to join me, they of course can but I assume that this is rather too short notice!

21-08-2013, 13:11
The only one I would have as a Must Visit is the Hop Back pub the Waterloo.

21-08-2013, 19:49
The Wellington & Guide Dog are must dos. Red Lion (High St) for the history & pretty remarkable interior, Duke of Wellington is ok, the South Western is worth a visit to St Denys area (train or bus or walk) where you may, or may not, also find the Dolphin open t'other side of the rail bridge. Waterloo is a pine table version of the Reading hopback outlet but pretty good,
Priorities for me would be Wellington, Guide Dog, South western

It's all about pre planning Quinno - Southampton & Pompey are two places that are regularly available for £1ew on megatrain, but not on 24 hrs notice...

Have a top day, you lucky slacker.. :0|

21-08-2013, 23:01
Cheers chaps, those suggestions seem to chime with the research I did earlier.

Jym - £1ew it may be but from Reading? More likely I'd need to trek to London first which would severely negate the savings (and I value my life at around £15 per hour on top of that!). So 18 quid for just under an hours' journey I can live with. especially as I am literally 10 mins on foot from Reading BR :D though I will need to fight my way through the festival crowds tomorrow...

Arrival time should be 10:23 so Wetherspoons breakfast then a long march towards the Guide Dog...

22-08-2013, 11:18
Jym - £1ew it may be but from Reading? ...

I meant for us townies, if there was a chance to tag along.
I look forward to the de-brief reports...

22-08-2013, 21:16
Very brief de-brief...the Guide Dog is absolutely brilliant - top quality beer, top-drawer staff and locals. The South Western had a good range of beer, interesting interior, friendly staff and a fabulous beer garden. Platform Tavern I had to rush a bit but enjoyed their homebrew. The rest were a mixture of take or leave...I covered a good few miles and have sweated all the salt out of my system!!! 13 pubs in all today :bemerry:

Dorking tomorrow if I can rouse myself!