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18-08-2013, 17:01
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It's summer, we're all bored. Time for a stupid quiz.

I was going to make it "What do I hate Most?". But Dolores thought that was too negative. ("That's rubbish, Ronald. Don't do that." Is what she really said.) Who am I to disagree? And it's too obvious*.

"I like the photo, though."

"OK, let's go with a picture quiz. What do I hate about this picture?"

"Still too negative."

"I know. I'll just think up some ridiculous question to go with the picture."

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-rFjYNGtxEKQ/UhDihv1WPFI/AAAAAAAARs8/uvfFcCGCKdI/s640/Hostinec.jpg (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-rFjYNGtxEKQ/UhDihv1WPFI/AAAAAAAARs8/uvfFcCGCKdI/s1600/Hostinec.jpg)Where, when, why is this photo?

Any guesses?

* One of my tracks (available nowhere) is called "I hate Arsenal".

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