View Full Version : Beer of the Week (w/e 18th August 2013)

08-08-2013, 14:54
Estrella probably. :o

london calling
17-08-2013, 22:15
So many good beers this week.Its hard to pick a winner but
darkstar -red shift
Belleville -spring break
tap east -poplar pale
hopcraft -statement of intent
black jack -gold coast pale
and there were a couple more but I had Tiny rebel -billabong last year and it was one of my beers of the year.Its back again and its beer of the week.

18-08-2013, 07:19
...I had Tiny rebel -billabong last year and it was one of my beers of the year.Its back again and its beer of the week.

Where was that John?

Oggwyn Trench
18-08-2013, 15:31
Good day Saturday

Jennings - Sheep Thrills
Marstons - Ashes Ale
Abbeydale - Invocation
Doctor Mortons - Angler Managment
Blue Bee - Octothorpe
By the Horns - Diamond Geezer
Oakham - Inferno
Ascot - On the Rails

Blue Bee - Octothorpe

18-08-2013, 17:07
Not a great week for me. Generally the inferior beers were in good condition and the likely contenders were not at their best :-

Butcombe Great Grey Owl 3.6%
Phoenix Navvy 3.8%
Acorn Madness 4.5%
Young's Special 4.5%
Lancaster Red 4.9%
By The Horns Diamond Geezer 4.9%
Brewster's Calamity Jane 5.0%
Brodie's Old Street Pale 5.0%
Nethergate Old Growler 5.0%
Jenning's Snecklifter 5.1%
Clarence & Frederick'S IPA 5.2%
Hopcraft Spanish Main 5.5%

This means it has to be the ever reliable Brodie's Old Street Pale at £2.50 in the Leyton King William IV

BOTW Brodie's Old Street Pale

18-08-2013, 18:33
Main contenders this week are -
Darkstar Hophead
Darkstar American Pale Ale
Wild Weather Ales Stormbringer
Roosters Yorkshire Pale Ale

And the winner-
Roosters Stars And Stripes

Real Ale Ray
18-08-2013, 20:05
Great Newsome - Ploughman's Pride

london calling
18-08-2013, 21:54
Where was that John?

Westow House Crystal Palace a mighty impressive pub with great beers.

19-08-2013, 07:14
inveralmond brewery - festival frolics

19-08-2013, 08:14

Bucking Fastard
19-08-2013, 09:45
Didn't get out much.

Dark Star -- Revelation
Dark Star -- Art of Darkness
Mordue -- Belma Red
Caledonian -- Deuchars IPA

BOTW Dark Star Revelation in great nick in The George ,Croydon at the start of the football season.

19-08-2013, 11:11
Quiet week for me, also.

Nine Standards - Double Standard.
Liverpool Organic - Styrian.
Fernandes - Cluster.
Fernandes - Nelson IPA.

All pretty decent, but as I was in the mood for a dark beer the Double Standard (porter) hit the spot.

Thuck Phat
19-08-2013, 11:26
A bit long on bottled eurofizz this including Desperado - different, Kronenbourg 1664 and Leffe - probably the best of these.
No surprise then that having nipped back just in time for one, BOTW is Oakham Bishops Farewell.

19-08-2013, 23:35
Only one beer, the other on offer ran out at the wildlife festival we were attending:
Hepworth's-Prospect Organic pale ale.The name describes it really.Biscuitty malt, but nearly as hoppy as it was a few years ago.My BOTW.