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06-08-2013, 21:10
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http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-a0CASCT_PGM/UgFMETsGo9I/AAAAAAAAATI/2xfO-Q9HXfo/s320/New+Inn+Flyer.JPG (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-a0CASCT_PGM/UgFMETsGo9I/AAAAAAAAATI/2xfO-Q9HXfo/s1600/New+Inn+Flyer.JPG)

The Bloke from Hull has been his usual prolific self today, telling us about beer news from here, there and everywhere.
Several bits caught my eye, including a festival I'd not spotted: The New Inn's MicroFest in Roberttown (Saturday and Sunday, August 10-11)
There is an impressive range from all over England and Wales. I've posted the beer lists here larger than usual to improve reading (but please click on the images to enlarge further).
http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-449gl6ALbHs/UgFN-a7ps5I/AAAAAAAAATY/U2qc-QvZJsQ/s400/New+Inn+A.jpg (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-449gl6ALbHs/UgFN-a7ps5I/AAAAAAAAATY/U2qc-QvZJsQ/s1600/New+Inn+A.jpg)

There's plenty of ale from the rainy (Ashes retaining) side of the Pennines: Front Row, Privateer, 4T's, Arkwrights. And a fair few from the shiny side: Five Towns, Sportsman, and nine from The New Inn Brewery, including Bombay Bob, a 6% curry beer).
Now this is about the third curry beer I've come across recently. I'm not sure what I think of them yet but at the moment I prefer my coriander on top of a korma rather than in a pint pot. However I'm willing to give them a try.
Further a field, there are beers from Devon, Dorset, Wales, North Shields, Settle, County Durham, Berwick Upon Tweed, Northamptonshire and the list goes on.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-YCVOJUWgnIA/UgFO72XRIdI/AAAAAAAAATk/cVMQzKwPlIU/s400/New+Inn+B.png (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-YCVOJUWgnIA/UgFO72XRIdI/AAAAAAAAATk/cVMQzKwPlIU/s1600/New+Inn+B.png)
Obviously the New Inn's micros' celebration coincides with Huddersfield Food and Drink Festival (August 8-11). But as the latter lasts four days then there is plenty of time to do both.
Hudds Food & Drink features mobile versions of some of Huddersfield's finest pubs: The Kings Head, The Sportsman, The Monkey Club and The Star.
The Nook will also have a bottle stall, Zephyr have craft and world beers while Vox has beer and cocktails. So something for everyone.
The festival is also running it's town real ale trail until Sunday. Pick up a leaflet in participating venues and collect over eight stamps to claim your souvenir glass - something us festival goers aren't short of!

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