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01-08-2013, 22:30
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http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-pkTdMkVLmM8/UfrGRtIjtBI/AAAAAAAAARQ/3DB_jo9Cl6Y/s320/Wharfedale+Blonde+clip.jpg (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-pkTdMkVLmM8/UfrGRtIjtBI/AAAAAAAAARQ/3DB_jo9Cl6Y/s1600/Wharfedale+Blonde+clip.jpg)

Picture: Courtesy of Stewart Ross

Oh to have been in Castleford tonight, celebrating Yorkshire Day.
The Junction Pub is hosting six beers in the wood brewed by Yorkshiremen from now until August 3.
One of the beers on for Yorkshire Day itself is Wharfedale Brewery's Blonde. I think the seeds were sown for the timber cask version of this 3.9% ale at the Junction's birthday festival a few weeks back.
Wharedale's Brewery's chief consultant Stewart Ross was in attendance with Malcolm Bastow, of Five Towns Brewery.
Five Towns' beers are ofter found in the wood at The Junction and have quite frankly been brilliant every time I've been down Carlton Street. And I think Mr Ross admired them as much as I did that day.
Wharfedale established in 2012 but have been brewing at Five Towns in Outwood while the finishing touches are being put on their own brewery in Ilkley.
Mr Ross told aswiftone.com: "Building work is progressing on both Wharfedale Brewery and the pub, The Flying Duck. Although brewing is still taking place at Five Towns Brewery in Wakefield, I am hopeful that we may be able to do the first brew on the new 2 ½ barrel plant by the end of August.
In terms of the pub, fingers crossed for an opening in September."
I've been wanting to try a Wharfedale for a little while now but haven't had any luck. Well, I know they have a beer on in Castelford for at least today but where else can I sup it?
Mr Ross told us: "The beer has been appearing on the bar in various local pubs including The Swan in Addingham, The King’s Arms in Silsden, The Old Cock in Otley and The Brown Cow in Keighley. Wharfedale Blonde has a regular pump at The Wheatley Arms in Ben Rhydding.
"Further afield, our beers have been appearing at various beer festivals and will shortly make an appearance on the bar at the CAMRA national pub of the year, The Bridge End Inn, Ruabon, Wrexham."
Well it looks like a trip to Ilkley or Otley is in order to put the Wharfedale beers to the test.
Or maybe I could sneak a post-work session at The Junction tomorrow and hope the beer is still on the bar.
Other beers to look out for in the Cas pub are: Ridgeside Thunderstruck/Innuendo, Old Bear Airedale Pale, Wentworth Bumble Beer, Walls Beaters Choice and Hobsons Best.
And the entertainment continues on Sunday when there will be a jazz band playing.
Happy Yorkshire Day/weekend everyone.

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