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29-07-2013, 21:53
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Picture courtesy of Wee Beefy

Time for a bit of cross promotion on aswiftone.com
Let me introduce you to your Sheffield tour guide: Wee Beefy.
The shadowy Wee Beefy is a fellow blogger who has been keeping an on-line ale diary since at least 2009.
He covers the rather coveted patch of Sheffield but isn't limited by geography as he's very keen on chronicling Crete.
I've met up with Wee Beefy a couple of times in the slightly cooler climes of The Steel City and Hudds.
We've been talking for a bit about writing about each other's patches and casting a new eye over the other's well worn tracks.
Wee Beefy has been rather quicker off the mark than me and wrote up his whistle-stop tour to Huddersfield trip a few weeks back.
We visited HDM, The Star's Folly Fest, Lockwood and Salford Liberal Club and The Shoulder of Mutton. It was a good night out and you can read about it it here on his blog: http://goo.gl/anvUmd
Now, the return leg of the Intertoto beer blog challenge will be at Walkley, Commonside and pubs off West Street in the near future.
But Wee Beefy has today written about the beery delights of some of those pubs: The Closed Shop, which has just reopened after a refurbishment, and The Bath Hotel where he was drinking a pint or few of the "excellent Mallinsons Topaz". http://goo.gl/jWL4Zl
So I'm poring over his scouting report ahead of the away tie. But if it's level after 90 minutes then it's penalties down Kelham Island!

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