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26-07-2013, 11:55
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There's sometimes talk about how publicans, brewers and breweries hold CAMRA in contempt, though it isn't something I've come across much. When this talk happens, it tends to be in snide comments on blogs or in asides between non CAMRA types. As I said, it isn't something I've had to deal with all that often and even then, it usually comes down to a remark about beer quality or whatever and it soon blows over.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-UsYsMMLTE-8/UfJjEaFs5kI/AAAAAAAAFEM/AaiB37WnQbk/s320/P1010762.JPG (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-UsYsMMLTE-8/UfJjEaFs5kI/AAAAAAAAFEM/AaiB37WnQbk/s1600/P1010762.JPG)Again despite rumours to the contrary, one thing brewers love, adore and can't get enough of is awards. Pubs are the same. Awards mean some kind of recognition for effort and everyone likes to be recognised for what they do don't they? So last night we (my local CAMRA Branch) had an awards ceremony. First up was the Oldham Pub of the Year, the Ashton Arms, a comfortable and welcoming town centre pub with a great range of beer and then the awards for Oldham Beer Festival. Gold and Silver to a local brewery, Greenfield for Silver Owl and Vanilla Stout and Bronze to Millstone, nearby in Mossley, for True Grit. The brewers and owners were there. We actually know all of our local brewers extremely well and they were absolutely delighted with the awards. The pub was delighted. We were delighted that they were delighted and we all had a great night and brought extra trade into the Ashton.

CAMRA - Delighting the good in Pubs and Brewing.

Winning beer, Greenfield Silver Owl is a superbly clean pale, hoppy and bitter beer of around 4%. I had a lovely couple of pints of it last night. All winning beers were chosen by the general public at the festival itself.

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