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01-07-2013, 07:46
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"When you were young and your heart was an open book. You used to say, 'live and let live. You know you did...'"
Paul & Linda McCartney (1973)
It would be very tempting to litter this piece with secret agent references - given the marketing - but I'll limit myself to the lyric and excruciating headline before concentrating on the beer.
When July commences we will be in the heart of the outdoor beer festival season in Huddersfield.
I know this because Monkeyfest heralds the start with The Star's summer festival, Hall Bower's and Huddersfield Food & Drink to follow.
Monkeyfest provides me with opportunity to indulge three of my favourite things: beer, cricket and walking.
It's a fine time to be in the shadow of Castle Hill, snatching glimpses of the cricket at Armitage Bridge CC between runs to the nearby bar.
I think I've been to two or three Monkeyfests down the years. But while trawling through the aswiftone.com archives I found Will's report on the very first Monkeyfest in 2007.
The inaugural event featured 28 beers and cost £2 for your festival glass & programme.
In 2013 the entry fee hasn't gone up at all but the beer choice has risen to 60.
Mallinsons have brewed a special Huddersfield Town beer, Stayin' Up, which I'm sure Will and Timbo will approve of.
The beer ties into HTFC's chosen charity, Yorkshire Air Ambulance's Keep it Up campaign.
The Monkey Club donated more than £1,000 to that worthy cause last year. And this year's festival will again raise funds for them.
The organisers will be holding raffles and donating proceeds from this year's festival. So please give generously to help keep a vital service airborne.
I was looking for a good way to sum up Monkeyfest but Will beat me to it by six years.
He said in July 2007: "Plenty of hard work and good use of local sponsorship would seem to be key to this successful and highly enjoyable festival and it's difficult to see how it could be improved upon (apart from the weather of course) - in fact as first attempts go this is nothing short of a brilliant effort!"
The terrible British summer weather? No change there then. Here's a link to Will's original 2007 post: http://goo.gl/I4PHIhttp://goo.gl/I4PHI

Monkeyfest7 in Armitage Bridge is well served by train (Berry Brow on The Penistone Line) and by buses towards Honley/Holmfirth (310, 314/316) and Meltham (324).

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