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25-06-2013, 22:51
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View down to Mirfield, January 2013

Back in the snowy depths of January I traipsed over the frozen wastes in search of Scottish beer.
Actually, I caught Northern Train's Huddersfield to Mirfield Service and it virtually dropped me at the Navigation Tavern's front door.
I set off as though attired for an ascent of Ben Nevis but was somewhat overdressed for a slight dusting of snow.
Timbo had told me that the pub's winter beer festival was well worth a trip. He wasn't wrong. It was so good that I visited on consecutive days for more trips to the dark side of beer.
And now landlord Kevin O'Donnell is hoping to repeat the success of six months ago with another Scottish beer festival, which starts this Thursday.
The Navi's summer festival will feature 30 to 40 beers. Some will be from the same breweries that captivated me in January but all will be different beers.
The exact beer list is being kept under wraps but Mr O'Donnell told A Swift One to expect ales from Loch Lomond, Knops, Inveralmond, Strathbraan, Ayr, Beeches and Fallen and some others that I couldn't spell!
Mr O'Donnell said: "Everybody loved it last time. It was the quality of the product. Well, it was unbelivable. It was a surprise to myself.
"If they come out of the cellar like they did last time then we will have some pleased clientele."
The Navigation Tavern's Scottish summer beer festival runs from Thursday, June 27 to finish.
And as it says on the Heavy Woollen CAMRA website: "Not to be missed."

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