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20-06-2013, 17:04
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I'm getting a few emails from a PR company at the moment. This isn't unusual. I'm a proud member of The British Guild of Beer Writers (http://beerguild.co.uk/) and my details are on the web site. I often get information from PR companies trying to get me to blog about their client's beery story. Occasionally I do, but mainly I just ignore the request and put it down as "nice try, better luck with the next blogger" I don't really mind be contacted, I guess it makes me feel important enough for them to contact me.

On this occasion I'm completely unsure as to what my response should be. The company is Frank PR and it seems that their clients are big beer brewers and associated companies. They are claiming "The campaign (and the name) is very much a rallying cry to the nation to remind us just how good it is to have a beer."

Apparently "The coalition behind 'Let There Be Beer' comprises some of the world's biggest brewers, UK brewers, pub businesses, retailers and organisations such as the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) and Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA)."

Frank PR states "to make sure the key messages of our campaign are spread nationally to revive the nations passion for beer - we feel it's time to restore lagers, ales, bitters, pilsners and stouts firmly in the nation's hearts."

Now, from my perspective I'm unsure what this will do for me. There are no details and the angle at the moment is very nebulous. It has also never been a greater time to be a beer drinker. If the wealth of great beers doesn't get more people drinking more beer then I'm not sure a generic campaign will. There is lots of grand stuff going on and plenty to temp prospective beer drinkers. I suspect the campaign is designed to try and revitalise the drooping success of the major brands. I doubt it'll point out that there is actually a wealth of exiting things happening in our sector of the beer industry.

I think the following snippet of highly produced video may just prove my point. I don't get it, but remain slightly intrigued as to where it's going, and have therefore fallen into their little trap. I also expect that by responding I'll get more emails. Ho hum.

So, what d'ya reckon? A load of nonsense, or am I being unfair to a genuine backer of UK beer? Indeed, has anyone else heard about this "initiative" and can shed more light on it?

I shall wait and see what happens, trying my hardest to remain open minded. Perhaps it will be a great campaign for all beer ever.

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