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27-05-2013, 08:02
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As previewed by 'Ale Ambler' a few days ago, the Mmm Festival is taking place over the weekend at the Star at Folly Hall, and in true 'Swift One' research mode the editorial team had to take a look. And the odd sample or too.

The festival is based on a small bar, with 14 beers, in the pub, but all beers are cellar cooled and handpulled and are a mixture of milds and Mallinsons, hence then Mmm connection. As well as the M & M's on the bar.

The milds cover most styles that one would want, and some you possibly would not. Tyne Bank 'Jamaica Mild' has the background taste of rum with a hint of spices; Mithril ' Coronation' mild is well rounded and fruity, and the Julian Church ' Reverend Tollemache' has coffee, and chocolate notes, and is superb, according to my mild connisseur. Elland 'Born to be Hot' is what is says on the tin, a chilli mild, and does tend to divide opinion.

If you are more into hops the the Mallinsons part of the festival may be more to your liking. Six specials made especially for the festival, plus a couple more, should satisfy any hop monster. They vary in strength from 3.8% to 5.2%, and helpfully, each clip has the names of the hops used in the beers and the reason for their use, so the hop enthusiasts among us can talk eloquently of bittering hops, aroma hops and the like. Most of the beers contain 4 different hops but there are a couple of even specialler specials with five hops in them.

So if you fancy spending a Monday Bank Holiday out then this could be the place for you. No only that it is one of the rare occasions that the Star opens on a Monday, so its worth it just for the novelty !!

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