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14-05-2013, 08:38
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It is not like me to rant, well not recently anyway, but my bete noire has reared its head again. Regular readers will know of my dislike of brewers putting things in beer that should not be there. Yesterday I came across another example, and one that addressed another of my pet hates, unhelpful pump clips. A double whammy !

One of the successful local breweries here is Three Kings, fairly local to me as well, and I occasionally come across the brewer, Ewan, in my local but he never warned me about this. When I saw their 'Shy PA', which was a new beer to me, a swift one was obviously in order. I never actually examined the clip in great detail, but after a mouthful I wished I had. There was something about the beer that tasted familiar, but out of place.

Another mouth full did little to solve the problem, but then, after checking the clip it was all revealed, and I was kicking myself for my useless sense of taste. It had coconut in it. And the more I tasted it, the more pronounced it became. The base beer was a light IPA style, and the two do not match. Maybe coconut in a dark stout works, but not in a light beer. It was a waste of a good IPA, and possibly of good coconut too.

And if some other brewer out there has a similar idea, can they make the pump clip flash and shout at me, so that I know what to expect. Not hide it away so I get eye strain reading the small print.

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