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12-05-2013, 12:10
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http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-xvlG7pDmGgk/UYujtPvUugI/AAAAAAAAQ_c/UZaPcM6KexI/s400/Groter_Jan_Braunbier_1960.jpg (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-xvlG7pDmGgk/UYujtPvUugI/AAAAAAAAQ_c/UZaPcM6KexI/s1600/Groter_Jan_Braunbier_1960.jpg)
It's not every day that I come across new German beer styles. At least not ones that have been produced withing living memory. But that happened today, thanks to Robbie over at I Might Have a Glass of Beer (http://refreshingbeer.blogspot.nl/2013/05/berlin-brewers-memoir-discovered.html) and Andreas Bogk (http://www.bogk-bier.de/wp-content/uploads/Groterjan-Doerfel.pdf).

Robbie pointed me at a wonderful short manuscript that Andreas has published on his website as a pdf.It was written in 1947 by the brewer at the Groterjan brewery in Berlin. It has detailed descriptions of how to brew their range of beers, which were all top-fermenting. A couple are new to me.

This is the list:

11.5º Malzvollbier with added sugar (bottled)
11º Malzvollbier with added sugar (draught)
4º Carameleinfachbier with sweetener (draught)
3º Jung- and Braubier with sweetener
8º Berliner Weisse
15º Starkbier Feinbitter
18º Porterbier

Starkbier Feinbitter and Malzvollbier I'm sure I've never come across before. And here are complete descriptions of how to brew them. Brillarific!

I'm not sure many modern brewers are likely to take on any of these beers, due to their strength. Or almost total lack of it. Suffice it to say that the Berliner Weisse was the second strongest after Porter. None of the others was above 2% ABV, despite what their gravities might suggest. They were barely fermented at all, which fits right in with the analyses I've seen of top-fermenting North German beers from the 19th century.

And do you know what the absolute bestest is? I've drunk one of the Groterjan beers. I was lucky enough to try a bottle of the Berliner Weisse that probably dated from the 1960's.

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