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25-04-2013, 10:00
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http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-T6RQAf7VaEM/UXjXu4kfr_I/AAAAAAAAAl8/aKTRp5-43B8/s200/watermelon+pale.jpg (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-T6RQAf7VaEM/UXjXu4kfr_I/AAAAAAAAAl8/aKTRp5-43B8/s1600/watermelon+pale.jpg)Regular readers will be well aware of my dislike of people messing about with beers, and putting things there that should not be there, and just do not belong. But like anything, there is always an exception. This is the one.

One of the most forward looking breweries in the North East is Temptation brewery. Their beers seem to be everywhere and it seems that they can turn their hands to any style of beer.

I have recently come across one of their beers, it is 4.3%. Pale and crammed with stella (can we call it that!) and cascade hops - seems quite normal so far - but each cask has the equivalent of two American water melons in it and is finally dry hopped with whole watermelon chunks and further cascade. Now if someone said 'Watermelon Pale Ale' would work, I would say they were mad. I am wrong it is an excellent beer. Full of hop freshness and the clean taste of watermelon.

It has now acquired a bigger brother and an even better beer. 'Watermelon Wheat Beer' is 5.4% and has all the background flavour of a well crafted wheat beer but with a massive tang of watermelon complementing it. A wonderful beer from a very forward looking brewery.

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