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24-04-2013, 15:31
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My eye was caught by a press release from Frederic Robinson about their new beer "Trooper" which is not even released yet. Quoting from press releases isn't something I usually do, but the press release is full of interesting claims, such as these mentioned below:

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-UsmercX9S8w/UXf6K4AUaMI/AAAAAAAAE5w/BQXzXTFzZRk/s320/Trooper+pump+clip.jpg (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-UsmercX9S8w/UXf6K4AUaMI/AAAAAAAAE5w/BQXzXTFzZRk/s1600/Trooper+pump+clip.jpg)"So it’s one month on from the initial announcement, there is just under a month to go until the beer is available to the public and Trooper is already one of the most “followed” beers in the UK with over 42,000 on Facebook (compared to 51,000 for Bombardier, 35,000 for BrewDog, 30,000 for London Pride, 27,000 for Hobgoblin and 8,000 for Greene King IPA who have all spent a vast amount of time and money building up their brand awareness). “Facebook doesn’t sell beer unfortunately,” commented David “but considering we haven’t let anyone taste it yet this is a promising start. We are brewing three times a day six days a week for the first time ever in our 175 year history and we already have the first 20,000 cases ready to go out by post as well as several export orders.”

Of course the beer having been designed by Iron Maiden's real ale enthusiast, lead vocalist, Bruce Dickinson will have helped a tad no doubt, as will the fact that Iron Maiden have 8.6 million Facebook followers. Let's hope then the beer lives up to the hype then, as it features (http://www.ironmaiden.com/trooper--a-new-premium-british-beer-from-iron-maiden-and-robinsons-brewery.html) prominently on the Iron Maiden web site.

Still, I must say I rather enjoy the thought of BrewDog being hammered at the viral advertising game, by a beer not yet on release, brewed by one of these staid old Family Brewers. Or, as BrewDog would have it, brewers of "stewed cardboard."

Trooper will be available in bottle and in cask and is golden in colour with malt flavours and a blend of Bobec, Goldings and Cascade hops.

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