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21-04-2013, 08:07
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We're back with Lager in WW II. And with crime. That's what you get for reading old newspapers. They're full of crime storiwes.

I say back in WW II, but we aren't quite. This is just after the end of the war.

"Two Woundings Alleged
Story Of Plymouth Constable
Charged with maliciously wounding Cpl. Stanley Heisholt, R.C.A.F., in Torquay inn on October 22, Reginald Bernard Martin, 37, hotel worker, no given address, was committed for trial at Torquay yesterday. On a second charge of maliciously wounding P.C. Hammacott. Plymouth City Police, in order to resist arrest, he was also committed for trial.

Heisholt said he was in an inn on Monday, accompanied by two women friends, when he saw accused enter. Martin said something about Canadians thinking they owned place when they came into it. Witness replied " Yes. sure, chum." something like that. He attempted to ignore accused, who seemed to be a little drunk. Accused w as standing near the door when witness was leaving and when passing him Heisholt said "Good night, chum, the pub. is all yours."

"I carried on to go through the doorway." he said, "and then I felt something at the back of my neck and heard something snap. I put my fingers to the back of my neck and they were covered with blood. was able to stick my finger into a large-sized cut.


Medical officer at the R.C.A.F. hospital said Heisholt had a wound 3.5 inches in length in the back of his neck, in which seven stitches had to be inserted.

Albert George Stanley Higney said he saw accused had a razor blade held between the fingers of his right hand. He stepped back and then put his right hand in his trousers pocket.

In a statement, accused was alleged to have said that before going into the inn he was in another licensed house where a Canadian picked an argument with him over nothing at all. He told the Canadian that they were always picking quarrels. He went into the second inn and, seeing a Canadian there, said "You think you own the town." He alleged the Canadian replied "We do."

P.C. Hammacott said he saw accused carrying a case of lager on his shoulder in the early morning of October 21. When questioned, accused replied that the case had been purchased himself and some friends the previous evening. He was taking it down the road. Witness accompanied him to 11, Saltram-place, Plymouth, where accused roused the proprietress and asked if he could lea,ve the case of beer there. She replied: "You have been here once before; I don't want anything to do with you or your beer."


The constable told accused he believed the lager to be stolen, and not being satisfied with Martin's replies to his questions asked him to accompany him to the police station. When they had walked about 20 yards accused put his free hand in his pocket and then suddenly struck him behind the ear. Martin ran away, and witness realized he was bleeding freely from a wound behind his ear. Later he recognized Martin at an identification parade at the Torquay Police Station.

Dr. Betty Slesser, Prince of Wales Hospital, Plymouth, said she inserted five stitches into a two-inch wound behind Hammacott's ear.

Accused said he had nothing to say at that stage."
Western Morning News - Tuesday 30 October 1945, page 2.
What does the article tell us? That not everyone in Britain was overjoyed at the presence of foreign troops in the country. And that there were vicious bastards in the past just as much as today.

Maybe Martin was pissed off that the Canadian was with two women. Jealousy can be a terrible thing.

I suppose I should say something about the beer. A case of Lager would have been pretty expensive. So worth nicking. I think it's safe to assume that it was nicked, the way Martin slashed the cop and ran off.

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