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10-04-2013, 08:56
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There are some of us that follow birds about, the feathered ones I mean, and have places that they want to get to to see their holy grail. Likewise the travelling football fans, finding a new ground, or the train enthusiast finding a new engine, or a new bit of track; that was me today.

One of my loves from years ago has been Lindisfarne, no not the island, but I am sure its a very nice place, but the band. A north east musical combo, playing damn fine music. But what is this irrelevant rambling got to do with a beer blog ?

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-84pvmWns3xY/UWUVL3-__fI/AAAAAAAAAlY/MdTC5wJ3Cpg/s200/DSCF3369.JPG (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-84pvmWns3xY/UWUVL3-__fI/AAAAAAAAAlY/MdTC5wJ3Cpg/s1600/DSCF3369.JPG)Well, the band used to rehearse and spent a goodly amount of their time in North Shields, especially in a pub called 'The Magnesia Bank'. Now, I have wanted to go to the Maggy Bank for years, a sort of beery-musically fused pilgrimage, paying homage to my musical heroes .

I have tried to find the place before, but never managed, but with more time, and a bit of guidance from some locals, today I managed it.

It was well worth the visit, a street corner local, lots of wood ,and brass, a stage in one corner,and me. No I mean me, just me. I was the only customer. I felt a bit sad, surely other people would have the same idea, but no.

But where does beer fit in ? It has had several years in the 'Good Beer Guide' but for some reason not this year, but the beer was fine. Even though there are only four beers on the bar,mostly from the 'Jarrow Brewery', the ones I tried were fine, and reasonably priced.

So there,if Lindisfarne is your thing, get up to the Maggy Bank and reminisce, just a shame the music on the juke box did not reflect the pubs history though. But step outside, turn right, that's the Tyne, but sadly no fog today !!!!

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