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10-04-2013, 08:56
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Time to combine a couple of obsessions. On this occasion British Lager and WW II. An odd combination, I know.

"Iced Lager
Knowing the American love iced drinks, the manager of a Totnes hotel put some lager on ice for the special benefit a couple of U.S. officers who, while touring called at Totnes."
Western Times - Friday 11 September 1942, page 6.
Those Americans and their iced drinks, eh? Why couldn't they just drink their beer warm like everyone else?

This one isn't quite WW II, being a few weeks after Japan's surrender. Neither was it British Lager, but German stuff. An export Lager brewed in Bremen. I wonder what that could have been?

Surprise For Customers At A Devon Inn
At a North Devon inn on Wednesday customers were surprised to see six bottles of German lager, brewed before the war, produced by the host order to celebrate the victory the Allies.

The occasion was a farewell given by Mr. W. R. Townshend retiring after 8 years as licensee of the Rising Sun Hotel, Umberleigh. The lager, which had been stored a cool cellar under the Hillside Rock at the rear of the hotel was served on ice, and was in excellent condition. Each beverage of the 100 guests had a sip of the beverage."
Western Morning News - Friday 28 September 1945, page 3.Toasting the end of the war in German Lager is slightly bizarre. As is the excitement they clearly caused. Six bottles for 100 guests? It would really have been a sip each.

This Rising Sun is still open, as this picture proves:

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-OjMkgFuRsBI/UWLBkPFt7iI/AAAAAAAAQxc/EamdmmQydPo/s1600/Umberleigh_Rising_Sun_Hotel.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-OjMkgFuRsBI/UWLBkPFt7iI/AAAAAAAAQxc/EamdmmQydPo/s1600/Umberleigh_Rising_Sun_Hotel.jpg)

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