View Full Version : Beer of the Week (w/e 14th April 2013)

07-04-2013, 11:08
hondo: Old Dominion Brewing Co. Hop Mountain Keg
PaulOfHorsham: Camden Gentleman's Wit
Mobyduck: Lymestone Pounamu
Aqualung: Siren Liquid Mistress
Oggwyn Trench: Salamander Bahamut
Bucking Fastard: Blue Monkey Ape Ale
Real Ale Ray: Pennine Spring Barley
oldboots: Ilkley Joshua Jane
london calling: Fyne Life of Ryely
Wittenden: Pilgrim Moild
Thuck Phat: Blue Monkey Rhesus to be Cheerful
aleandhearty: Captain Cook Black Porter
ROBCamra: Adnams Belgian Style Abbey Ale

14-04-2013, 07:23
from across the Atlantic old dominion brewing co of Dover Delaware - hop mountain keg

14-04-2013, 11:16
Camden Gentleman's Wit is a terrific interpretation of a Belgian style wheat beer and easily wins the prize for me.

14-04-2013, 14:34
Darkstar Hophead
Darkstar American Pale Ale
Bowmans Swift One
Bowmans Quiver
Bowmans Elderado
Irving Frigate
Irving Defender
Irving Admiral Stout
Timothy Taylors Landlord
Lymestone Pounamu, my beer of the week one of Wetherspoons Festival beers and very good.

14-04-2013, 17:01
I thought a Spoonsfest beer may win this week, but it got pushed out.

Wharfebank Spring Hop 4.3%
Corfu Ionian Coffee Porter 4.5%
Titanic Molly Brown Ale 4.6%
Devil's Backbone American Amber 4.8%
Nethergate Bowler 5.0%
Brodie's Mosaic Pale 5.0%
Deschutes Twilight Pale Ale 5.0%
Siren Soundwave 5.6%
Siren Liquid Mistress 5.8%
Bateman's Mocha 6.0%
Brodie's Caramel Salt Brown 6.0%
Brodie's Saki IPA (keykeg) 8.0%

The Bateman's Mocha was odds-on to win until I tried the Siren Liquid Mistress which was a superb dark red ale at £2.60 in the Leyton King William IV. The Saki IPA came close to making it into the BABOTW thread as it was proper keg gassy and had absolutely no redeeming qualities other than the high ABV.

BOTW Siren Liquid Mistress

Oggwyn Trench
14-04-2013, 17:08
Another quiet week for me

Banks - Cereal Thriller
Black Jack - Short Stack
Ilkley - Ilkley Pale
Blue Bee - Shriek
Salamander - Bahamut
Green Duck - Bob the Builduck
Darkstar - Partridge

BOTW Salamander - Bahamut

Bucking Fastard
14-04-2013, 17:18
A bumper week with some very fine ale.

Oakham - Citra,Bishops Farewell
Top Wold- Wold Gold
St Austell- Proper Job
Castle Rock - Preservation
Sarah Hughes- Dark Ruby MILD
Blue Monkey- BG Sips,99 Red Baboons,Infinity,Ape Ale,Rhesus to be Chearful

BOTW among this stellar list was Blue Monkey Ape Ale,in the Loughborough Organ Grinder and my beer of the year so far.

After all that lot above I need a rest :whistle:

Real Ale Ray
14-04-2013, 18:03
Pennine - Spring Barley

14-04-2013, 18:55
some good ones this week

Red Rider IPA
Kirkstall Three Swords
Black Sheep Bitter
Marstons Pacific Gem
Goose Eye Golden Goose
Bradfield Farmers Stout
Roosters True Grit
Ilkley Joshua Jane
Elland 1872 Porter
Knaresborough Bean Brewed
Celtic Experience Bleddyn

My BOTW is Ilkley's take on Tetleys Bitter (alledgedly) Joshua Jane, brown in colour but with lots of hops.

london calling
14-04-2013, 19:29
With 12 new beers tried this week but most pretty dull or just badly made.Arbor -artizan is a good beer but
Fyne -life of Ryely was lovely from a brewer who never disappoints.

14-04-2013, 22:12
The Surrey Oaks:
Saltaire-Tyke's Gold: a really good golden ale for once.Buiscuitty and citrus.
Pilgrim-Moild:a jet black MILD. Soft and apricot.Grand.

A very close run thing, but on reflection my BOTW is Pilgrim-Moild as it is produced close to the pub.

Thuck Phat
15-04-2013, 10:03
A good week with boating in the Nottingham area:
Blue Monkey: Ape Ale - Cask and Keg, Infinity, 99 Red Baboons, BG Sips, Rhesus to be Cheerful
Oakham: Citra, Bishops Farewell
Sarah Hughes Ruby Mild
Wold Top - Wold Gold
Castle Rock Screech Owl
Flipside - Dusty Penny
Abbeydale Absolution
Titanic Stout

Some very good beers in there and I was especially impressed with the Stout, Ruby Mild and Screech Owl as well as everything from Blue Monkey. The Ape Ale is outstanding as BF has highlighted but BOTW goes to Blue Monkey Rhesus to be Cheerful. Looks and tastes like boring brown beer - to start with, then its hoppiness gives a refreshing dry finish. Clever beer.

15-04-2013, 13:03
Good week for me, with a mini jaunt to Sowerby Bridge, over the weekend, helping things along nicely. Tried this week:

Castle Rock - Harvest Pale.
Fullers - Brit Hop.
Fernandes - Vanilla Porter.
First Chop - TEA.
Orkney - 1878.
Brains - Willy Nilly.
Shepherd Neame - New World PA.
Moorhouses - Amber Gambler.
Elland - El Divino.
Roosters - Cogburn.
Blue Monkey - Marmoset.
Captain Cook - Black Porter.
Saltaire - Tyke's Gold.
Vale - Hopocalypse Vale.
Saltaire - South Island Pale.
Roosters - Yankee.
Glentworth - Golden Pale.
Thornbridge - Brock.
Ilkley - Mary Jane.

Some very good beers in there. Definitely a case of pale beer overload on Saturday afternoon, so the fine Captain Cook was a bit of a lifesaver.

19-04-2013, 10:14
A bit of a shock this week. Two days in Chester and two more in Shrewsbury and my BOTW is going to be from a JDW. :eek:

Adnams Belgian Style Abbey Ale was in fantastic condition at Forest House (Lloyds No 1) (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/64623/)

It didn't pass the 3 pint test as we didn't have time. But it did pass the pint and an extra cheeky half test. :p