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06-04-2013, 15:27
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By popular demand - sort of two - I've been persuaded to release my history of Lager in Britain.

The actual proper history bit, with extra tables, is about 10,000 words (dull as this is for you non number freaks). With bonus material, it's three times that size.

The book is unique, in that it showcases my writing schizophrenia. Part one: a proper written history. Part two: source material with added bullshit. Not just any source material. The stuff I used to wtite part one.

I'm not selling this well, am I? An hilarious romp through the statistics of British Lager. Not much better.

Buy the book (when I've finished it) and see what you think.

Lager! (UK) is the title I've settled on. I won't tell you the first one. Total rubbish. I'm glad I hadn't applied for the ISBN before I came to my senses.

Should be out about Wednesday next week.

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