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06-04-2013, 10:21
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At just eighteen months old, the Rat Brewery is already a well established micro with a wide distribution (through it's Ossett connection) and even a few awards to it's name. We take it somewhat for granted in Huddersfield of course - and that's why this weekends in house festival is an important heads-up.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-fXikyInVKEs/UV_zQTDiJHI/AAAAAAAAGgE/1dxAqOMjtco/s200/RAT+FEST.jpg (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-fXikyInVKEs/UV_zQTDiJHI/AAAAAAAAGgE/1dxAqOMjtco/s1600/RAT+FEST.jpg)It would be easy for the brewery to just trot out it's staple recipes, so good are they, but there comes a point where, through familiarity, even big fans can find themselves overlooking the 'house' beer. No chance of that for the next couple of days though as every pump is given over to the latest output.

Many beers will be known to regulars such as White, Black, Brown etc but whilst ever there's a clever (or not so clever) play on words out there, a new beer won't be far behind. This festival welcomes Bohemian Ratsody, Brew Town Rat and Ratatouille amongst others.

A quick run through the dozen available yesterday failed to find a disappointing ale with some truly outstanding stuff in and amongst. And those disappointed not to see Rat Against the Machine this time need look no further than the sublime Project Rat #3, my favourite - so far!

Inn-Fest continues from noon today at The Rat & Ratchet, 40 Chapel Hill, Huddersfield.
For the full beer list see Facebook.

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