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01-04-2013, 10:20
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I don’t normally put press releases on here but I thought this one a bit of fun…

Brains Craft Brewery launches Lamb-ic Ale
Brains (http://www.sabrain.com/)’ craft brewery team has taken an interesting angle to their latest cask beer. Taking inspiration from the traditional lambic style of beer from Belgium, Lamb-ic has an added unique Welsh twist with the addition of finest Welsh lamb to the brew.

Brewed with malted barley, un-malted wheat and a blend of Fuggles and Golding hops, the beer has been matured for up to 12 months in open barrels with chops of finest lamb from the Welsh hills of Ceredigion. Open barrel fermenting allows Lamb-ic to be naturally fermented with wild yeasts that give lambic styles of beer their unique taste. A naturally cloudy, orange beer, Lamb-ic (5.3%) has a sour lemon juice beginning which blends into a deep richness from the lamb. Each pint will be served with mint sprinkles on top which adds fresh and herby notes to the pint.

The Brains craft brewery team were inspired by a trip to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver where they tried a hickory-smoked bacon porter. An increasingly popular type of beer in the US, the team set to it to brew their unique Welsh version.

Lamb-ic is the latest experimental brew from Brains’ 15 barrel brewery and follows a American White IPA, a Bavarian-style Weiss beer, a Czech style pilsner, and a coconut porter.

The beer will be available in 30 Brains pubs from Friday 5th April. For a full list of stockists visit www.brainscraftbrewery.com/find-our-beer (http://www.brainscraftbrewery.com/find-our-beer)

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