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17-04-2007, 10:13
Excellent website! However, could you change following regarding Tamworth pubs, Staffordshire.

Barge and Barrel, Tamworth Rd has changed its name to Park Inn

Same goes for Edwards, George St. Now called B79 (named after Tamworth postcode)

Gungate Hotel, 62 Upper Gungate actually situated inside Globe Inn. It is better known name rather than Gungate Hotel.

Stoneydelph, Pennymoor Road no longer pub and has been defunct for while.

I have noticed that you put few pubs with address "Kingsbury, Tamworth, Staffordshire". Kingsbury actually is in Warwickshire just over the border from Staffordshire. Kingsbury is the large village its own right and does not belong to Tamworth borough.

Hope this clears things up! :)

Keep up good work.

Ian Taylor

Galore Admin
17-04-2007, 21:44
Hi Ian,

Thanks for the compliment, the site is really coming along and each correction and addition helps make it better, so thanks for these. I have corrected the 3 names and marked the 1 as closed.

I have pulled the Kingsbury pubs out of the listing for Tamworth although it will still show as a sub-district rather than being in Warwickshire. This is the compromise solution we are running with at the moment to try and solve the issue with the fact that the postal regions (way we check our addresses) are now so out of date. I live in hope that one day we will come up with something more sensible.

Thanks for letting us know all those