View Full Version : Beer of the Week (w/e 27th January 2013)

25-01-2013, 11:57
Thuck Phat: Hop Back Redsells EKG
Spinko: Allgates Citra
Bucking Fastard: Redemption Fellowship Porter
Mobyduck: Hophead Galaxy
Oggwyn Trench: Slaters Reserve Milk Stout
Real Ale Ray: George Wright Pheasant Plucker
Aqualung: Brodie's Old Street Pale
Wittenden: Dark Star Hophead Galaxy
hondo: Demonbrew Firehead
oldboots: Quantum Grimley's Brown Bombshell
aleandhearty: Leeds Midnight Bell
london calling: Darkstar Art Of Darkness
Pubsignman: Saltaire Cream Stout
ROBCamra: Titanic Iron Curtain

Thuck Phat
26-01-2013, 15:00
Just the 2 again. New Year's resolution: must drink more!
The ever excellent Oakham Bishops Farewell and BOTW Hop Back Redsells EKG. An amber ale whose flavour punches above its 3.9% strength but unmistakably Hop Back.

27-01-2013, 14:42
Allgates - Citra. Had a pint of this in Cask in Castlefield with a takeaway from the chippy next door.

Bucking Fastard
27-01-2013, 17:20
Decent session in The Gunmakers EC1 enriched by a very good pint of Redemption Fellowship Porter ,my BOTW

27-01-2013, 17:32
Another initially poor week saved by a last minute decision to jump on a bus to Reading Saturday afternoon ,

Plain Ales Rat Catcher
Courage Best
Flack Manor Double Drop
Flack Manor Flack Catcher
Flack Manor Blackjack Porter
Butcombe Bitter
Darkstar Hophead Galaxy
Downton Quadhop
Downton Roman Imperial Stout
Nelson Dogwatch Stout

The winner is theHophead Galaxy a nice twist on the hops that works very well.
The Roman Imperial Stout was also something to be reckoned with.

27-01-2013, 17:49
Decent session in The Gunmakers EC1 enriched by a very good pint of Redemption Fellowship Porter ,my BOTW
A great pub, my favorite of last year.

Oggwyn Trench
27-01-2013, 18:06
A few good`uns this week

Doctor Mortons - Nasty Medicine
Glentworth - Iceman
Elland - Cascade 3 Way
Kelham Island - Blonde
Salamander - Bucket Kicker
Slaters - Reserve Milk Stout
Wychwood - Skinflint
Marstons - East Kent Golding(Single Hop)

BOTW Slaters - Reserve Milk Stout , a pint of silky smooth creamy nectar:drinkup:

Real Ale Ray
27-01-2013, 18:17
George Wright - Pheasant Plucker

27-01-2013, 22:45
Not that many to chose from this week:-

Ruddle's Best Bitter 3.7%
Sambrook's Powerhouse Porter 4.9%
Brodie's Amarillo Pale 5.0%
Brodie's Old Street Pale 5.0%
Hambleton Nightmare 5.0%
Brodie's Dalston Black 7.0%
Brodie's Citra For Breakfast (keykeg) 10.1%

You may well ask about the Ruddle's! I was determined to have some Haggis on Friday so ordered some at The Walnut Tree in Leytonstone to find that it was £6.09 or £4.99 with a drink. As all the cask ales were 4.5%+ or London Pride I ended up with Ruddle's Best. As the cost was effectively -£1.10 and it was clear and cool (just like tap water) it seemed a good deal.

All of these were good (the Ruddle's WAS in good nick), but the outright winner is Brodie's Old Street Pale which really was in cracking form at the William IV on Friday. It reminded me of Summer Lightning when I first tried it in Salisbury 25 or more years ago. My recent experience of Summer Lightning was very disappointing.

BOTW Brodie's Old Street Pale

27-01-2013, 23:04
The day I had three pints of Doombar...

Sharps Doombar-in good condition, but unspeakably dull and soulless.I'd never had this before, but any port in a storm...

Dark Star-Hophead Galaxy- a new hop for me-I didn't know that they grew in Oz. Great beer, but too heavy on the wall fruit: I don't think I'd want more than a couple in one go. Having said that, it's an improvement on the Hophead that I've drunk in recent times. My BOTW.

28-01-2013, 07:28
Demonbrew - Firehead

28-01-2013, 08:28
An eclectic mix this week, but a clear winner in Quantum Grimley's Brown Bombshell tried at the NWAF

Rudgate - Northern Light
Rudgate - Jorvik Blonde
North Yorkshire - Temptation
Hornbeam - White Swan
Dunham Massey - Porter
Brains - Dark
Purple Moose - Dark Side of the Moose
Quantum - Grimleys Brown Bombshell
Worthington - White Shield
Wapping - Winter Ale
Thwaites - Old Dan
Thwaites - Fallen Nun
Hogs Back - A o T
Pheonix - Wobbly Bob
Copper Dragon - Golden Pippin
York - Guzzler

28-01-2013, 11:31
Just two pints of Leeds Midnight Bell all week. Fortunately, it was in good nick and therefore worthy of nomination!

london calling
28-01-2013, 19:22
darkstar-art of darkness gets my vote.Getting addicted to hoppy beers.

28-01-2013, 19:25
darkstar-art of darkness gets my vote.Getting addicted to hoppy beers.
Expecting some in my local later this week, and looking forward to it.

30-01-2013, 19:12
After two dismal weeks without anything to merit a nomination, it was a welcome return to the good stuff this week, thanks to crawls in Hartlepool, York and Crystal Palace. Lots of worthy pints including:

Maxim Swedish Blonde,
Roosters Franklin,
Consett Stout,
Tempest Cresta Black,
York Centurion's Ghost and
Hardknott Infra Red.

But these were all pipped by a luscious pint of Saltaire Cream Stout, enjoyed in the fantastic Swan, York.

30-01-2013, 22:16
, thanks to crawls in Hartlepool, York and Crystal Palace. .
York & Crystal Palace; two crawls not usually mentioned in the same sentence..!

31-01-2013, 13:28
Well the NWAF gave me plenty of (free) choice this week and I still think the Dunham Massey Porter was great.

I'm going to go for a winter ale, but not from the festival.

It was tried at The Regal Moon (JD Wetherspoon) (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/55906/)

Titanic Iron Curtain very rich and full bodied but with lots of hops as well.

At 6% it needs to be treated with care, so I didn't and had 3 pints. :evilgrin: