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22-02-2010, 17:32
Huntsmans Hall

This establishment is now called "Midas Touch". Do you want to deal with this as a name change now? - and "archive" the Huntsman Hall photos when you set up such a system? I've been out in the rain today and taken a photo of the Midas Touch which I've just put in the upload queue.


22-02-2010, 17:43
Hi Rex,

We have corrected the name of Midas Touch (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/53422/). For the moment we should try and keep the names as correct as possible as that is what fuels the search. The archiving is some way off sadly, loads of other jobs in the queue, but it is something I want. I think for the moment leaving a comment mentioning the old and new name as you have done is probably the most useful solution, at least if people are confused there is some sort of explanation on the page.

Thanks for that.