View Full Version : Beer of the Week (w/e 6th January 2013)

01-01-2013, 13:07
hondo: Tyne Bank Castle Gold
Bucking Fastard: Oakham Black Hole Porter
Aqualung: Nethergate Essex Beast
Mobyduck: Darkstar Original
Wittenden: Whitstable Native
Spinko: Highland Pale Ale
oldboots: Rudgate Ruby Mild
aleandhearty: Rat Circus Rat
Thuck Phat: Brancaster Oystercatcher
ROBCamra: Tiny Rebel Fubar
Oggwyn Trench: Elland Iceic-Ale
london calling: Gadds Dark Conspiracy
Pubsignman: Blackedge American Pale Ale

04-01-2013, 06:54
Tyne Bank Brewery - Castle Gold

Bucking Fastard
06-01-2013, 11:25
A clear winner for BOTW in the form of Oakham Black Hole Porter served up in The George,Croydon.

One of the best porters I have tried,true to the style and dangerously quaffable for a 5.5% with that distinctive balancing Oakham bitter finish.A very fine pint indeed.

06-01-2013, 15:32
Not much tried this week :-

Nethergate Augustinian 4.5%
East London Brewing Company Jamboree 4.8%
Brodie's Citra Pale 5.0%
Nethergate Essex Beast 6.5%
Brodie's Big Mofo Stout (keykeg) 10.5%

It's a choice between the two Brodies and the Essex Beast and I'll go for the Essex Beast as it was in fine condition in the George at Wanstead and a snip at £1.99 a pint, which compelled me to give it the three pint test.

BOTW Nethergate (Growler Brewery) Essex Beast

06-01-2013, 16:33
Very little this week,
Courage Best
West Berks Maggs Mild
Skinners Betty Stogs
Skinners Cornish Knocker
Darkstar Original

Easy choice
Darkstar Original is an easy winner.

06-01-2013, 22:07
Only the one pub visit this week, on New Years Day.
Whitstable Brewing Company: Native 3.7%ABV. A decent earthy brown session bitter with a fair wack of hops. Notwithstanding that the beers are brewed (not in Whitsatble) but just up the road from us, I rarely come across 'em. What I've had, I've liked, with the exception of some Christmas ale of a few years ago.My BOTW.

07-01-2013, 01:29
Highland - Pale Ale

Usually when in the Euston Tap I would have 5 or 6 different beers. This one was good enough to make me stick to the one.

07-01-2013, 08:14
Due to work commitments I was only able to drink Sunday lunchtime and the choice was a bit limited but Rudgate Ruby Mild was as good as usual.

07-01-2013, 08:55
Just the one session this week, with nothing that really leapt out at me:

Rat - Circus Rat.
Steaming Billy - Grand Prix MILD.
Fernandes - Bradbury Belter.
Fernandes - Cascade.
Fernandes - Taverners Bitter.
Fernandes - Jackdaw MILD.
Otter - Ale.
Acorn - Barnsley Bitter.

With it being the fag end of Christmas there seemed to be a fair number of tired beers about. The Circus Rat was the best of the bunch.

Thuck Phat
07-01-2013, 09:51
Limited choice again sadly:
Oakham Bishops Farewell
Silverstone Pole Position
Brancaster The Wreck SS Vina
Brancaster Oystercatcher

The Pole Position was vinegar which, I suspect, was due to its being past its sell by date. Both Brancaster beers were excellent with SS Vina being a moorish, 4.8% chocolate/coffee stout and Oystercatcher a 4.4% light bitter which has a bitter finish that ensures it passes the 3 pint test with flying colours. BOTW Brancaster Oystercatcher

Oggwyn Trench
08-01-2013, 17:35
A few tried this week

Hook Norton - Cotswold Lion
Sharps - Doombar
Pictish - Delta
Six Bells - 7 Bells
Maypole - Little Weed
Elland - Iceic-Ale
Empire - Norwegian Blue
Abbeydale - Turning Point

BOTW Elland - Iceic-Ale

london calling
08-01-2013, 22:45
with over 20 beers tried last week. the best was Gadds -dark conspiracy.a great porter from a very good brewery.

11-01-2013, 14:57
A couple of nights in York last week along with a couple of visits to The Baum gave me a lot of choice.

But BOTW is going to go to Tiny Rebel Fubar from Newport South Wales tried rather further north in The York Tap.

This is their own description.

A unique schizophrenic beer where you'll face off against floral hoppy flavours up front, leading into a dry spicy bitterness on the back.
Need something a bit different to wake up your taste buds? It's time to get a FUBAR.

It was really good. :cheers:

12-01-2013, 00:14
Had a big crawl in Wigan last Saturday, the highlight of which was, rather unusually, the last pint of the day - Blackedge American Pale Ale which was enjoyed in The Boulevard (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/63039/). A new brewery to me as well.