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23-12-2012, 18:43
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A comment by Phil (http://pubcurmudgeon.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/then-they-came-for-pub-drinkers.html?showComment=1355957322434#c764917606 4047699409) alerted me to the dubious delights of CAMRA’s Nottingham Drinker magazine:

I've just got back from Nottingham, where I had a pretty foul pint of flabby, metallic-tasting beer while reading the local CAMRA magazine - which featured a column applauding the decision to bar a local offie from selling anything over 6.5%. The enemy is already within the gates, I fear. (Other odd features of the mag included what appeared to be a regular column contributed by the local police. I was glad to get back to Opening Times-land.).Further investigation reveals that, not only does the magazine include a column from the police, it also includes one from an anti-drink pressure group (http://www.apas.org.uk/). See here (http://nottinghamcamra.org/ND/ND113_Dec-Jan_2012.pdf) to download the latest issue.

News from Suffolk: The local Police, fed up with ‘offies’ selling super-strength cider and lager to known nuisance characters, are encouraging the offies to stock nothing above 6.5% ABV. It is a voluntary scheme, with a slow take up, but it is a positive step towards dealing with the products that are associated with most of the problems. Responsible drinkers will be heartened by this news and we look forward to seeing the scheme adopted locally.Oh, sorry, I had a bottle of Duvel (8.5% ABV) the other day which I bought from Tesco on a 3 for 2 offer. Apparently I am not a responsible drinker and don’t feel in the slightest degree “heartened”.
In what weird and perverted world do those who claim to stand up for pubs, beer drinkers and breweries see it as in any way sensible to give a mouthpiece to those who abhor all those things? Has Nottingham CAMRA somehow been infiltrated and taken over by the anti-drink lobby?
And, of course, the police are no friends of pubs either (http://pubcurmudgeon.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/smoked-out.html).
To his credit, the editor of our local CAMRA magazine Opening Times will have no truck with such appeasing nonsense.

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