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18-12-2012, 16:37
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http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-iGRoojGjAFc/UNClDiCeYMI/AAAAAAAANrc/hgSttWNeNGs/s320/FA_cup.jpg (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-iGRoojGjAFc/UNClDiCeYMI/AAAAAAAANrc/hgSttWNeNGs/s1600/FA_cup.jpg)
Just to remind you that you've not quite 2 weeks to send in nominations for the most prestigious prize for beer history writing*.

Anything about beer and history published (or written) in the last 12 months is eligible. It doesn't even need to have been published. If you want to send a submission by email, you can find my email address on my website (http://www.europeanbeerguide.net/).

In addition to any of my books, the winner will also receive a magnificent trophy, the Thrale Cup. I'm just finalising the design as I write, before sending it to be crafted by skilled, er, craftsmen. And its's yours to keep forever!

So send that writing in. Remembering the history and beer them, obviously. That's quite important.

* It's the only one.

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