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Al 10000
17-12-2012, 17:18
Why is it that when some members make map corrections they are done straight away,but i have some map corrections that are still waiting to be done since November.

17-12-2012, 18:21
Alan, the ones that are waiting are probably because someone has moved the map point previously. If nobody has previously moved a map point the map page will say "best guess", and if you move this point it will happen immediately. If someone has previously moved it then Dave will want to make sure who has got it right before making a change.

I don't think it's anything personal! I too have one that's been waiting since September (where the person who moved it previously had got it wrong), so it's not just you being singled out!



17-12-2012, 18:23
If a map point is corrected for the first time (ie; it previously said "best guess") then they are auto approved, that is they get approved immediately.

Only if they are corrections of corrections, or too far away from the guessed map point, do they require manual approval by one of the admins which obviously takes longer.

Could that be the reason?

Al 10000
19-12-2012, 13:56
Thanks for that Rex and Blackthorn,
as usuall i got a bit confused and i should have realised that when i do map corrections they are normally done straight away.