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Al 10000
29-11-2012, 16:53
Hi Sheffield hatter

The Pump Tavern and Moorfoot Tavern were different pubs,i went in both pubs on the 22 August 1983,they were both Tetley tied houses and did look similar from the outside.

Both photos on your that dont go there thread are correct,if you look closely at both photos you will see slight differences and the large building in the background is missing from one.

I only have a photo of the Moorfoot but i know for certain that these two pubs were not the same.

The address for the Pump Tavern was 79 south street/77 the moor
The Moorfoot Taverns address was cumberland street

I hope this of help to you.

Cheers Alan

sheffield hatter
29-11-2012, 21:14
Thanks Alan. I assumed that the building in the background was a recent erection, but looking more closely at the two photos, there are also differences in the facades of the two pubs which can't be accounted for by refurbishments! I'll amend my post on That Doesn't Go There so that Dave doesn't do anything unnecessary. Where would we be without your encylopaedic knowledge. :)