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Old Blue
18-11-2012, 12:06
Wondered if anyone more technically proficient than me (i.e. almost anyone) could help me with an odd problem connecting to the main PuG site. I recently took my laptop on holiday abroad, and used the network of the hotel I was staying in. Having returned, I find that whenever I try to acess the PuG main page, it takes me to a screen asking me to enter the hotel network access code (which I don't remember). I can get any other site, and any other PuG page, just not the main page. It does it by whatever means I try to access the main page - via bookmark, internet search, or by trying to go back to the main page from other PuG pages. So it seems to think that this specific address is something I need the hotel access code to go to. It still does it even though I've both deleted my browsing history and deleted the hotel network from my networks list.

Any ideas anyone? I expect this may be one where I will end up feeling increadibly dim...

18-11-2012, 18:58
sounds like a cookie needs deleting.

Old Blue
19-11-2012, 08:17
Thanks OB, good idea. However, I've now deleted all cookies, rebooted machine, and it still won't let me get to the PG home page. Any other ideas anyone?

19-11-2012, 17:43
It may a cache problem, try pressing F5 when you're on the main page.

Another way, which is more of a nuclear option, in Internet Explorer go to the tools menu and select Internet Options then the Advanced tab on the box that should pop up. Near the bottom is a button marked RESET which returns everything to its default setting.

Old Blue
19-11-2012, 19:02
Thanks again OB, F5 sorted it.

I'm tempted to ask what a cache is, but think best I resist that!