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Darlo Boy
19-02-2010, 20:00
When I was told, by a certain member (SD) that I should get involved with PG I did not think it would be bad for my health.
But after an afternoon photographing Willenhall pubs I need treatment for depression.
Of the eighteen pubs I went out to see,The Waterglade has been demolished and
The Brewer's Droop.
Barrel & Shive.
Lion Hotel
have all closed.

Soup Dragon
19-02-2010, 20:46
I am amazed you haven't asked Conrad to move them all into Darlo, you will be claiming the Inverness pubs next!

Darlo Boy
19-02-2010, 22:26
Patience, I don't want to rush things :)

Soup Dragon
19-02-2010, 22:55
i hear you are after twinning Darlo with Washington DC

Darlo Boy
19-02-2010, 22:58
Only if they come up to our standards.

20-02-2010, 00:39
Hi Darlo,

We have marked the Waterglade Inn (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/39121/), The Brewers Droop (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/39084/), The Barrel & Shive (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/39081/), The Lion Hotel (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/39102/) and The Shakespear (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/39116/) as closed.

Soup should definitely have warned you about the sacrifices involved in correcting new areas on the site, but your sacrifices are appreciated. It is sad how many pubs we have to mark as closed compared to how many we mark as open.

Thanks for all those.