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19-02-2010, 17:36
I don't know who to ask so I thought it is good idea to ask you since some of you are computer geeks.

In past 5 days, youtube won't load on my PC and I have tried refresh, deleted cookies and pretty everything. Do you have any idea why youtube wont load? (I have tried other well known video websites and all working fine)



19-02-2010, 18:41
New one on me, have you tried any other browsers?

20-02-2010, 08:57
Working now on IE8. Looks like youtube won't load on Firefox, strange I never had problem like that before on Firefox.

Computers eh?



20-02-2010, 16:29
Ok, well if it is just Firefox there is a sequence of things I would try:

Clear your youtube cookies
Goto Tools menu > click on Options
Select the privact option at the top > click on the remove individual cookies underlined text
In the window that opens type youtube in the search and whilst selecting any of the youtube cookies click on Remove Cookie

Upgrade Flash
Flash is actually different on IE and Firefox, YouTube needs Flash to work, and just because it works on one browser doesn't mean it works in another
Goto http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/?promoid=DXLUJ (Make sure and untick the Free McAfee option)

Upgrade Firefox
Click on Help and select Check for Updates...

Hopefully one of those will help

21-02-2010, 10:20

It was out of date flash player on firefox. I had to upgrade flash player and hey presto.. it works!

Thanks for your help and I appreicate it very much!