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sheffield hatter
16-09-2012, 22:22
I took a photo today of the Trumpeter, an estate pub in the Grangewood area to the south of Chesterfield. Unfortunately I had an autofocus error, probably caused by my anxiety to complete the photo before the car I could hear coming down the road could stick its nose in the frame. See attached for the horrible result. I got a photo of the pub sign, which has been uploaded. Has anyone got a photo of this pub languishing in their archives? Al 10000, this looks like the sort of pub you occasionally find yourself in. :) It would save me another trip out there on my bike, so if someone could help me out I'd be eternally grateful.


Al 10000
18-09-2012, 17:21
Hi Sheffield Hatter,

Yes i have been in the Trumpeter and also took a photo of it,though not yet on disc to add to site yet but i will get round to it.

I went in the pub on 11 December 1987 when it was a Wards tied house and i had a very nice drink of Wards bitter.

I have been in over 60 pubs in Chesterfield and took photos of most of the outer pubs but missed some in the middle.

Hope that saves you going back there.

Cheers Alan

sheffield hatter
18-09-2012, 20:12
Hope that saves you going back there.

Nice one!:)