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18-02-2010, 16:00
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AS Live FABPOW! Rustlers & Beckís

20.08: I believe in the new media circles this is what is known as a mash-up: itís an As-Live Tasting (http://pencilandspoon.blogspot.com/search/label/As-Live%20Tasting) meets a FABPOW (http://pencilandspoon.blogspot.com/search/label/FAB%20POW). Yeh get with it daddioís, itís bitchiní

20.12: First of all you are all probably thinking the same thing: why the hell is he drinking lout? Especially during a Food and Beer Pairing of the Week? Well, this lout was cheap therefore itís good enough for me. Plus, this particular lout is 5% so thatís doubly okay. FABPOW, bitchin'

20.15: I put the Rustlers burger in the microwave. 0 to tasty in 60 seconds. The microwave goes ping and I take it out and put ketchup on it. Perfect. The ketchup makes a great topping (although, to be honest, can you really beat ketchup?!). FABPOW, bitchin'

20.18: Writing is distracting me from eating. I can see why Iíve never done an As-Live FABPOW before, logistically itís awkward. FABPOW, bitchin'

20.21: On to the lout. Its Beckís 5%, It pours an electrifying golden colour with those fast-paced bubbles that hurry to the top. Itís not one of those pints of pongy ale that smells like horse shit and comes with a few stray pieces of straw in the pint glass, this is one of those crisp clean louts and, thankfully, fizzy. Itís clean and crisp, I want to say itís bitter but then I remember its lout, so that dryness I taste is from the lout, and it manages to retain a certain loutish character, which is nice. FABPOW, bitchin'

20.25: The burger is gobbled down. It worked a treat with the lout; matching up perfectly. FABPOW! FABPOW, bitchin'

20.28: You know what Iíve always wanted someone to brew for me? A free box of lout that costs me nowt. I want that beer with a huge stack of free hamburgers. The trouble is no one will give me any free lout, dammit. FABPOW, bitchin'

20.30: I just spilt some lout on my chin. FABPOW, bitchin'

20.31: Oh yeah, Iím doing this a day early because if I did it tomorrow and posted it at 9pm then itís too late, of course. And you could nuke this burger anytime, thatíd be great. I only used lout because cheap lout is all I ever buy. Ta-da. FABPOW, bitchin'

20.36: I like a drop of lout. My drinking days began with lout and will end with lout (killer stuff). A few years later it was always the first and last drink I chose at anywhere I was and Iíve had some dodgy old pints of pongy ale over the last few years. Perhaps the most memorable (or not...) experience was a nice bottle of lout I once drank on a beach. After that there was some dancing. Ooof. FABPOW, bitchin'

20.42: Being distracted by the terrible TV that the squeeze is watching... FABPOW, bitchin'

20.45: Having inappropriate sexual thoughts about a female character in a soap opera. No itís not Peggy Mitchell. And Iíve just realised that I havenít done an As-Live Tasting for AGES! FABPOW, bitchin'

20.49: Musing about how great MSG is, how all the great chefs are discovering Umani (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umami), how basically itís just glutamate and how popular MSG is in Asia, how demonised it is in the west, how foods now advertise MSG free, and how Rustlers is a great source of MSG, and if you donít like MSG you really really ought to read this here (http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2005/jul/10/foodanddrink.features3). It may be from the guardian, but donít let that put you off. FABPOW, bitchin'

20.53: Thatís me done with an As-Live FABPOW Mash-up. Time to see if the squeeze fancies popping up stairs. FABPOW bitching dudes. FABPOW, bitchin'

Inspired by the beer writer of the century, Dredgie (http://pencilandspoon.blogspot.com/2010/02/as-live-fabpow-pancakes-and-apple-wood.html), Cheers Fella. FABPOW, bitchin'


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