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03-08-2012, 09:31
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Following from my previous post, it seemed churlish not to actually try the 'Randall' in action. I was informed there are only two in Britain at present so it was a chance too good to miss.

In the interests of scientific research, (believe that and you would believe anything!!) I settled myself with a standard key keg version of Magic Rock 'Cannonball' and alongside its 'randalled' soulmate, with additional Centennial hops.

Admittedly my beer was the first one drawn, and maybe the device needed a little time to settle in, but I was only able to detect a mere hint of additional hopping, certainly not the massive hop hit I expected. Nevertheless it did change the character of the base beer a tad, making it a more rounded, and less aggressive than the original. A fact I found a little surprising.

Does it work ? With a key keg beer it is a way of adding an additional hop kick to a beer, similar to the cask version of dry hopping, and no doubt certain brewers will say this is worth the hassle and expense. At the moment I will reserve judgement, and may be try again today.

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