View Full Version : Beer of the Week (w/e 26th August 2012)

01-08-2012, 11:02
hondo: North Yorkshire Brewing Dizzy Dick
Oggwyn Trench: Beowulf Chiller
Mobyduck: Castle Rock Harvest Pale
Pubsignman: Darling Bone Crusher
Bucking Fastard: Oakham JHB
ROBCamra: Nodding Head Bill Payer IPA
aleandhearty: Inveralmond Ossian
Al 10000: Nottingham Rock MIld
Old Blue: Timmy Taylor's Landlord

23-08-2012, 06:27
North Yorkshire Brewing -Dizzy Dick

Oggwyn Trench
26-08-2012, 16:39
Some intresting beers this week

Banks - Mild
Rowton - Bitter
Green Mill - Citrus Snap
Saltaire - Summer Ale
White Rose - White Lightning
Doctor Mortons - Tie Breaker
Purple Moose - Glaslyn Ale
Pictish - Newport
Beowulf - Chiller
Ossett - Mellow Yellow
Springhead - Drop "o" the Black Stuff
Ossett - Excelsior
Ironbridge - Gold
Ironbridge - 48 Special Double Simco
Ironbridge - IPA
Ironbridge - RAT 2012 Festival Ale
Springhead - The Leveller
Purple Moose - Cwrw Eryri

BOTW Beowulf - Chiller

26-08-2012, 19:50
A reasonable selection this week in most cases-
Skinners Betty Stogs
Thwaites Wainwright
Woodefords Wherry
Otter Bright
Exmoor Silver stallion
Darkstar Hophead
Darkstar Original
Jennings Cockerhoop
Sharps Atlantic IPA
Marstons 5 Hops
Stroud Brewery Budding Pale Ale
Springhead Ginger Pig (I should have known better)

And BOTW Castle Rock Harvest Pale

26-08-2012, 20:38
Decent beer this week came mainly in bottled form as I managed to find a couple of interesting South African brews in some of the bars along Long St in Cape Town. Brewers & Union Dark Lager was a bit too bland for my liking but Darling Bone Crusher was a worthy BOTW - an excellent Wit beer with orange peel and corriander.

I returned to the UK yesterday and sank a few pints of Doom Bar at a wedding reception last night, but the Bone Crusher was, sad to say, the better beer.

Bucking Fastard
27-08-2012, 09:02
Yet another very low consumption week,this is getting boring.So boring in fact that McMullens Country was in the lead until being easily overwhelmed for BOTW by Oakham JHB ,in good nick in The Bull,London Colney.

27-08-2012, 10:50
Triumph Chinook IPA was excellent in their brewhouse bar in Philadelphia.

But BOTW is going to go to Nodding Head Bill Payer IPA tried in their brew pub in Philadelphia.

A cask conditioned IPA at a sensible (for the USA) 5.1% that could hold its own on any British Bar.

One of only 4 cask conditioned ales I managed in 21 nights moving around the States, although I had loads of decent craft brews.

A special mention for Magic Hat No. 9, Big River Nashville Steamer, District Chophouse IPA and Yards Pale Ale, my favourite 4 craft brews from the rest of the trip. :cheers:

27-08-2012, 10:57
Having spent the last few days camping just outside Auld Reekie, this week's offerings are entirely Scottish. Bit of a mixed bag, but some of them were very good.

Belhaven - IPA.
Stewart - Edinburgh Festival.
Stewart - 80 Shillings.
Caledonian - Golden Son.
Orkney - Corncrake Ale.
Caledonian - Dutchman.
Orkney - Latitude Pilsner.
Kelburn - Dark Moor.
Kelburn - Misty Law.
Highland - Orkney IPA.
Highland - Pale Ale.
Highland - Dark Monro.
Highland - Scapa Special.
TSA Brew Co - Lomond Gold.
Inveralmond - Ossian.
William Bros - Caesar Augustus.
Stewart - Edinburgh Gold.

The Dark Moor and Orkney IPA were in the running, but after a day of trying to avoid festival flyer wielding students in the Old Town, the Ossian, in the sanctuary of the Oxford Bar, was sublime.

Al 10000
29-08-2012, 16:13
My beer of the week goes to Nottingham Rock MIld tried in the Admiral Sir John Warren in Stapleford,this is a really dark mild with loads of flavour and it was at the bargain price of £1.29 a pint.

Old Blue
31-08-2012, 08:06
I've never really raved about Timmy Taylor's Landlord, but then I'd only ever had it down south before. However, it was sublime in the Nottingham House in Cleethorpes last weekend.

03-09-2012, 18:01
Late entry for the other week was a toss up between just a limited selection. Elgoods Grayhound or Inveralmond Brewery Lia Fail So I will go for the Inveralmond Brewery Lia Fail as it was a very good refreshing Pint.

Thuck Phat
04-09-2012, 09:14
Another late entry due to a week or two away.

Oakham Bishops Farewell, Citra
Wincle Wibbly Wallaby
Ringwood Old Thumper, Fortyniner
Blue Monkey Infinity
Brakespears Oxford Gold
West Berkshire Good Old Boy
Dark Star Summer Meltdown
Elland Karma Citra
Salopian Kashmir
Slaters Retro Red

A decent selection with everything from Dark Star, Oakham, Slaters, Elland and Blue Monkey being up to their usual very high standard. Perhaps more surprisingly, everything from Ringwood was very good too. BOTW though by a stretch was Salopian Kashmir, their first crack at a strong IPA and it's outstanding.