View Full Version : Beer of the Week (w/e 5th August 2012)

30-07-2012, 10:38
hondo: Stewart Summer Backbeat
ROBCamra: Black Jack The Blind

30-07-2012, 13:03
no more beer this week so Stewart brewing summer backbeat

01-08-2012, 14:26
No more English beer for me this week apart from a couple of pints of Lees Bitter tonight and that will never win my BOTW.

BOTW is another from Black Jack called The Blind, tried several times in the Baum last night.

Light, hoppy with a citrus tang. Very moreish. :cheers:

Oggwyn Trench
05-08-2012, 14:24
An OK weekends drinking

Titanic - Deckchair
Shires - Summer Classic
Hobsons - Mild
Green Mill - Old Git
Accorn - Stirling IPA
Shrewsbury Town 125 Years Ale , brewed by Coors , going by the taste its probally re-badged Hancocks HB

BOTW Hobsons - Mild , only 3.2% but wonderfull stuff

05-08-2012, 16:31
One pub, one local beer festival:
Harvey's: Sussex Best Bitter -luscious malt, slightly peppery.Excellent.
Hop Back: Summer Lightning-on good form, but not the full on experience of a few years' back.
Acorn:very pale, very Yorkshire, very tasty.
Sunny Republic:Beach Blonde-very pale,well hopped with a mix of pacific basin hops, but not the famous Nelson Sauvin.(I can recognise that one!)Good beer from a very new micro.
Castle Rock: Black Gold-A cracking jet black dry MILD. Bit of earthiness. Lovely. My BOTW

05-08-2012, 18:07
Triple fff Moondance
Courage Best
Wells Bombadier
Courage Directors
Darkstar Partridge Best
Darkstar Hophead
Darkstar American Pale Ale
Skinners Betty Stogs

BOTW is Darkstar American Pale Ale just edging out the Hophead.

Bucking Fastard
05-08-2012, 22:20
A very modest week so not a lot of choice for BOTW,but I will plump for the pint of Fullers Wild River I had in The Doric Arch,Euston.

06-08-2012, 07:31
After a disappointing trip to Guiseley on Saturday things got much better returning to North Yorks, Kirkstall Three Swords gets an honourable mention but Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby MILD just is BOTW probably any week.

Thuck Phat
06-08-2012, 09:15
A few ales sampled on a visit to Norfolk:
St Austell Podium IPA
Beestons Worth The Wait
Woodfordes Admirals Reserve and Nelsons Revenge
Brancaster Sharpie and Oystercatcher
Adnams Ghost Ship
Oakham Bishops Farewell

All of these were good and both the Brancaster beers went down well with Brancaster Oystercatcher BOTW. At 4.4% it's fairly pale, bitter but not citrussy and gets better as you drink more!

06-08-2012, 12:53
A good solid week on the beer front, with one or two very good indeed. Tried this week:

Pennine - Amber Necker.
Mallinsons - Station Best Bitter.
Acorn - Gorlovka.
Fernandes - Sunshine IPA.
Tigertops - Hop Destiny.
Orkney - Dark Island.
Brew Co - Viceroy Gold.
Otley - 01.
Vale - Black Swan MILD.
Ilkley - Black MILD.
Salamander - Shiva.
Fernandes - Red Hop.
Fernandes - Duke of York.
Fernandes - Great Northern.

With honorable mentions for the Hop Destiny and Sunshine IPA, the Station BB turned out to be another beauty from Mallinsons.

06-08-2012, 12:58
Acorn:very pale, very Yorkshire, very tasty.

I'm sure it was, but which one? :)

06-08-2012, 13:20
I'm sure it was, but which one? :)

Yorkshire Pride! I was having problems transcribing from pubsandbeer!

06-08-2012, 13:33
Yorkshire Pride

I'm almost certain I've not tried it. Will have to keep a look out.

06-08-2012, 23:04
This week it's going to be White Horse Brewery's Wayland Smithy

07-08-2012, 06:00
Timothy Taylor - Landlord

After going through about 4 different beers in The Wharf, Castlefield, I stumbled upon this unknown quantity...

10-08-2012, 15:55
Just realised that I forgot to post last week - BOTW was Twickenham Hornet, just edging out Adnam's Ghost Ship.