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24-07-2012, 14:24
hondo: Clarks Classic Blonde
Thuck Phat: Hop Back Summer Lightning
aleandhearty: Roosters / Odells The Accomplice
gillhalfpint: St Austell HSD
Bucking Fastard: Dark Star Hophead
Spinko: Wickwar Sunny Daze
Real Ale Ray: George Wright Lubelski
Mobyduck: Thwaites Indus IPA
Oggwyn Trench: Castle Rock Harvest Pale
Wittenden: Surrey Hills Brewery Shere Drop
Alesonly: Ringwood Fortyniner
Pubsignman: Hawkshead Windermere Pale
ROBCamra: Black Jack Aces High

27-07-2012, 06:53
Clark's classic blonde

Thuck Phat
27-07-2012, 08:17
Two contenders, both excellent.
Oakham Bishops Farewell
BOTW Hop Back Summer Lightening

29-07-2012, 14:21
An excellent week for beer, both in choice and quality. Tried the following:

Phoenix - West Coast IPA.
Fullers - Wild River.
Allgates - Golden Aeld.
Fernandes - Simcoe.
Otley - O3 Boss.
Brew Co - Brewers Gold.
Great Heck - Golden Bull.
Truefitt - Ironopolis Stout.
Roosters - Welsummer.
Nethergate - Basing Park Blonde.
Roosters / Odells - The Accomplice.
Red Squirrel - Red Dawn MILD.
Cap House - Miners a Pint.
Cap House - Foxhunter.
Cap House - Miners Light.
Cap House - Ruby.
Rat - Red Rat.
Elland - Midsummers Night Porter.

On a quiet week, the Ironopolis or the Red Dawn would probably have won. However, the Accomplice was an absolutely stunning IPA. Not only BOTW, but my beer of the year so far.

29-07-2012, 15:01
This was our last week in Cornwall and our beers were:

St Austell HSD
Moor Nor'hop
Skinners Spriggan Ale
Hop Kettle Hay Bale
Pot Belly Welland Truly
Penzance Brisons Bitter

Although I found the Skinners to be one of the best , must give BOTW to St Austell HSD.

Bucking Fastard
29-07-2012, 15:46
An old faithful made it to BOTW,Dark Star Hophead,a great session ale consumed with gusto during a great session in The Charles Lamb,Islington.An interesting pub with a gallic feel.

29-07-2012, 16:08
Quite a few good ones this week around Manchester.

Joseph Holts - Bitter, Crown and Anchor
Brewdog - Punk IPA, BrewdogManchester
Magic Rock - Cannonball, Port St Beer House
The Kernel - Citra IPA, Port St Beer House
Wickwar - Sunny Daze, Smithfield Hotel
George Wright - Drunken Duck, Smithfield Hotel
Bobs - White Lion, The Angel

Real Ale Ray
29-07-2012, 18:22
BOTW - George Wright - Lubelski

29-07-2012, 19:07
Beers this week were-
Skinners-Betty Stogs
Thwaite's-Indus IPA
Young's -Bitter
Young's -London gold
Young's- Special
Brains- Reverent James
Courage Best

The winner is Thwaites Indus IPA.

Oggwyn Trench
29-07-2012, 19:49
Decent weekends drinking

Green Duck - Quakers
Pictish - Siren
Pictish - Dana
Pictish - Junga
Bobs Brewing - Yakima
Castle Rock - Harvest Pale
Salopian - Hop Twister
Buxton - Special Pale Ale
Salopian - Oracle
Wye Valley - HPA
Oakham - Bishops Farewell
Jennings - Snecklifter
Brakspear - 99
Hop and Stagger - Golden Wander
Buxton - Moor Top
Liverpool One - Mersey Mist
Marston Moor - India Pooch Ale (IPA)
Burton Bridge -Golden Flame

BOTW Castle Rock - Harvest Pale , just right for a warm saturday afternoon

29-07-2012, 23:22
Two pubs this week:
Skinners Cornish Ales: Betty Stoggs . I usually steer away from beers with silly names and that have been trunked halfway across the kingdom. I didn't think I'd like this for the reasons above, and because the pretty barmaid hadn't a clue how to serve beer straight from the cask. However, I found it to be a good old fashioned chestnut brown best bitter,which I could have happily drunk all afternoon.
Surrey Hills Brewery: Shere Drop. Taken about a mile from its new home at Denbies wine Estate,this was much better than I found it a couple of weeks ago.Golden,with a decent level of hopping. My BOTW.

30-07-2012, 02:01
Very limited week only one nights drinking this week so not much to chose from. :( But best of what I had was Ringwood Fortyniner most others were very bland especially most the Olympic specials.:sick:

30-07-2012, 15:19
Highlights this week included Crouch Vale Amarillo, Fyne Ales Avalanche and something from The Kernel (I forget what it was called). BOTW though goes to Hawkshead Windermere Pale - a great session ale from a great brewery.

31-07-2012, 17:04
Black Jack Aces High is going to be this weeks BOTW tried in The Baum.

The ex brewer from Marble Rob Hamilton has started up this venture and they're coming up with some very good stuff.

A lot of it is in the American Pale Ale style, like this one, which weighs in at a hefty 5.5%.

Kelham Island London Calling is going to be runner up. :cheers:

31-07-2012, 17:11
Any of the other Moderators willing to take on the BOTW thread for a while?

If not I'll set up the threads for the next 3 weeks, but won't be around to maintain them. :cheers: