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19-07-2012, 09:21
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http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-_qEFmabFKLM/UAe1C0r37AI/AAAAAAAAAX8/aUWD3HeAw9k/s200/WHITE+Rat+Logo%5B1%5D_edited-1.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-_qEFmabFKLM/UAe1C0r37AI/AAAAAAAAAX8/aUWD3HeAw9k/s1600/WHITE+Rat+Logo%5B1%5D_edited-1.jpg)
In a short time, one of our local breweries that has got itself an excellent reputation is the 'Rat Brewery'. I had its first beer 'Lab Rat' in mid September last year and since then they have been consistently producing excellent beer, with their efforts turning up at festivals and bars throughout the country.

'White Rat' is one of their regular beers, often gracing the bar in the Rat & Ratchet. A light, quaffing beer with a pleasant hop combination, it is very moreish, definitely a favourite in the pub. And it seems elsewhere as well.

In the last fortnight the brewery has been awarded 'Beer of the Festival' at two Camra beer festivals. Both Liverpool and Dewsbury branches voted for it and shows how far that the brewery has come in a very short time. Credit must be given to Paul and his team for their efforts, and lets hope these are the first awards of many.

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