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19-07-2012, 09:21
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For those dedicated hardy souls amongst us this weekend brings two more local beer festivals, and hopefully will bring the weather so that they can be enjoyed to their maximum.

4pm Friday sees the start of 'Thurstyfest 4' at the Rose & Crown at Thurstonland, continuing from noon Saturday and Sunday. 64 hand pulled beers are on offer, plus 6 ciders. There will be 8 bands playing throughout the event and a hog roast and barbeque. Entry is £2.50 for a programme and glass, or you can pay £30 for a ticket that pays for your beer for the whole day (or £75 if you fancy doing all three days)

Noon on Saturday heralds the start of the Hall Bower beer festival. 30 plus beers, (18 at any one time) with live music and a barbeque. Going on till 11pm and the same on Sunday. A sneak preview of the beer list shows plenty of interesting stuff to keep us going for the duration. If you have not been before the club is sited at 53 Hall Bower at Newsome, under Castle Hill. (for those with sat navs - HD4 6RR).

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