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17-07-2012, 10:40
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http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-q9EmbIfd8qE/UAVAL1dhoNI/AAAAAAAADVg/y1kwUDRrCEw/s320/IMAG0722.jpg (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-q9EmbIfd8qE/UAVAL1dhoNI/AAAAAAAADVg/y1kwUDRrCEw/s1600/IMAG0722.jpg)Have I mentioned this before? I can't remember, but JW Lees have available to all their pubs and the free trade, rather a good, genuine Czech lager. The beer is Bohemia Regent Premium, a golden full bodied genuine 5% Czech beer falling into the class of světlý ležák 12. It is now imported directly by JW Lees to the UK. Having been brewed in the Czech Republic, it is regularly tankered over to Lees to be kegged. The Regent brewery has been brewing beers since 1379, in the ancient heart of the town of Trebon, in the Czech Republic and there is a rather interesting potted history of the place on their website (http://www.pivovar-regent.cz/).

Unfortunately, class counts for little when branding is all. In most JW Lees pubs in our area, the preferred premium tipple is Northampton brewed San Miguel - not even the same strength as that brewed in Spain (5.4%), but a 5% variation of the same. The name however sells it, though I doubt many know it is made in Northampton, nor care if they do. Fortunately one pub, the Ship Inn, a handsome little pub on the Rochdale Canal and the nearest other Lees pub to my local, does sell Regent and in the proper glassware too. I often make a little detour there to sample the wares. We did so again on Sunday and three pints of this hoppy and bitter, delicious and well balanced brew were just the ticket. It is a firm favourite of my lass too, which makes it a lot easier for her to be persuaded into the Ship.

I don't know what sort of reputation the Regent Brewery enjoys in the Czech Republic, but for me, having a genuine Czech import on my doorstep, sold at reasonable prices, is good enough. It is though I believe available from Lees nationwide.

More details here (http://www.bohemia-regent.co.uk/).

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