View Full Version : Moor Mill St Albans

16-02-2010, 21:34
Just to let you know that I've moved the location of this pub quite a way. Every postcode based map that I have found puts it in the wrong place, I think the postcode is that of the nearet residential area. The map shows it to be a short walk from the two pubs near Bricket Wood Station but it's much much further down the road, as I found out one Sunday lunchtime !!

It's actually in Moor Mill Lane off Smug Oak Lane. Google Maps shows a Beefeater icon on their map.


17-02-2010, 13:00
Hi Millay,

Where it is a trusted user like yourself we tend to just glance at the map point to make sure you haven't dropped it into a river by accident and then approve it. Then when it is this dramatic we will go and double check we have the postcode right, so thanks a lot for saving us the bother.