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06-07-2012, 21:23
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The University of Bath have kindly produced an online questionnaire asking for your opinions on minimum alcohol pricing (http://fluidsurveys.com/s/bar12oa/). While I strongly suspect a particular agenda is being pursued, it certainly gives you the opportunity to express your views clearly and strongly on a couple of pages near the end – and to be entered into a prize draw to win up to £250 in Amazon vouchers.
There are one or two examples of begging the question, such as “What would be the best alternative methods of reducing excessive alcohol consumption?”
“Er, I don't think it is excessive and doesn't need to be reduced.”
You can, however, just select the single option of “Lower the legal drinking age.”
Plus when it asks you how many units a week you drink, you can't say “mind your own sodding business!”
There is one interesting question where you are asked if you would drink more in pubs, clubs and bars if the price of off-trade alcohol was raised to a similar level. It then asks you to explain the answer you have just given, which obviously opens the door to make a specific point.
Well worth five minutes of your time.

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