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23-06-2012, 16:38
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Chris Snowdon draws our attention (http://velvetgloveironfist.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/21st-century-temperance-manifesto.html) to an organisation called Active Europe (http://www.activeeurope.org/) whose vision is “a democratic, diverse and peaceful world free from alcohol and other drugs where any individual can live up to her full potential.” Their questionable and intolerant policy agenda can be seen here (http://www.activeeurope.org/attachedFiles/documents/Alcohol_policy.pdf). It starts with this and then goes on:
There is a direct connection between the consumption of alcohol and the extent of alcohol related harm. The amount of alcohol related problems in society is linked with the total alcohol consumption. Attempts to reduce alcohol related harm should therefore be aimed at reducing the total consumption of alcohol. Restricive alcohol policies save lives and money and therefore contribute to development of the whole society.While everyone is entitled to their opinion, the worrying thing is that this unpleasant organisation is funded by the EU. Many will say the sooner we’re out, the better.

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